Can you remove Facebook Trending Topics?

remove Facebook Trending topicsFacebook Trending shows you popular topics and hashtags that are being talked about and syndicated on Facebook. Facebook Trending appears as a list with a gray bar on the right side of your Facebook homepage.

At this current time there is no option to remove Facebook Trending topics from your Facebook homepage in your Facebook account interface; However, there are third-party plugins and browser attachments like FB Purity ( that will allow you to remove Facebook Trending topics by installing their software. The downside to using this type of software is that it may produce unwanted advertisements, collect additional user information about your computing habits, browsing habits, and Facebook friends, and collect various other details about your social media relationships.

Third-party plugins used to remove Facebook Trending topics may also post to your friends on your behalf, change your apps, send messages to your friends, and perform other tasks using your Facebook account.

Once the option to remove Facebook Trending topics is available we will update this page with instructions to remove Trending topics from your Facebook homepage.

Please note that free browser add-ons and extensions such as Adblock Plus and AdBlock will not remove Facebook Trending topics, but will remove advertisements on Facebook.

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