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How to remove CouponDropDown (Virus Removal Guide)

CouponDropDownWhat is CouponDropDown?

CouponDropDown, also mistakenly referred to as Coupon Drop Down is an unethical advertising platform (adware) sponsors can use to display advertisements and coupons. If CouponDropDown is attached to your internet browser as a browser helper object, while browsing the internet many unwanted popup advertisements will appear. These popup advertisements are sometimes blue tags stating you have a numerical amount of coupons. CouponDropDown also displays advertisements from third parties and promotes link click-through in order to gain revenue via CPC. CouponDropDown advertisements will usually say click to continue by CouponDropDown.
Coupon Drop Down publicly documents that they are an advertising product, stating “CouponDropDown is an ad supported product and will show you advertisements as you browse the web”.

Also note, Coupon Drop Down uses in-text advertisements similar to Text Enhance and primarily bundles with FB Photo Zoom and other third party add-ons and extensions.

CouponDropDown can be voluntarily installed with third party applications such as freeware and shareware but has been reported to affect internet browsers without permission, therefore classifying CouponDropDown as a browser hijacker. CouponDropDown may also bundle with third party extensions.

If CouponDropDown and the CouponDropDown add-on/extension are affecting your internet browser without consent you are likely infected by third party malware, viruses, and or Trojans.

Use the steps below to detect and remove malware infecting your system and remove unwanted CouponDropDown advertisements via the CouponDropDown and third party add-on or extension.

How To Remove CouponDropDown

  1. Anti-Malware Software - If necessary, scan, detect, and remove malware.
  2. System Restore  – Restore system to a date and time before issues.
  3. Uninstall CouponDropDown – If installed, uninstall CouponDropDown.
  4. Remove CouponDropDown – Remove CouponDropDown add-on/extension.
  5. Clear Cache And Cookies – Delete browser data and tracking cookies.
  6. For Tech Support - Call 1-888-879-0084 and they will kindly assist you with removing this infection

1. Anti-Malware Software (Remove/Troubleshoot Malware)

We highly recommend writing down the toll free number below in case you run into any issues or problems while following the instructions. Our techs will kindly assist you with any problems.

if you need help give us a call

Malwarebytes is the most recommended Antivirus – Anti-Malware software used to scan, detect, and remove malware including adware and browser hijackers. View other Antivirus recommendations.
Remove Koda Virus

2. System Restore  (Remove/Troubleshoot Malware)

Perform a system restore to an automatic restore point created by Window’s each week or during system updates. This can be very helpful if you suspect a severe infection. This can also be used to remove the CouponDropDown program from your system. Note, Microsoft creates restore points when once a new program has been introduced to a system.

3. Uninstall CouponDropDown may install the CouponDropDown add-on or extension to your preferred internet browser. If present, remove the CouponDropDown program before attempting to remove the CouponDropDown extension.

When removing CouponDropDown keep in mind the CouponDropDown link spam can also be removed by disabling a third party add-on or extension, not just CouponDropDown. If you do not locate a CouponDropDown add-on, look for and remove anything suspicious.

1. Access Window’s Start Menu and select Control Panel

2. Select Uninstall a program or Add and remove programs

Uninstall a Program

3. Find CouponDropDown or anything similar in the list of installed programs, select it (highlight) and click the Uninstall button or double click it to properly uninstall CouponDropDown.

4. Remove CouponDropDown Add-on/Extension attaches a browser helper object onto infected internet browsers called the CouponDropDown. Also note there may be a third party BHO attached as well with a similar title.
Again, when removing CouponDropDown keep in mind the CouponDropDown link spam can also be removed by disabling a third party add-on or extension, not just CouponDropDown. If you do not locate a CouponDropDown add-on, look for and remove anything suspicious.

If you succeeded in uninstalling CouponDropDown through Window’s Uninstaller (above) you may not find CouponDropDown add-on/extension on Internet Explorer.

Use the steps below to remove CouponDropDown and third party add-ons, extensions, and Toolbars from each internet browser installed on your system

Commenters below have noted that FB Photo Zoom (FBPhotoZoom), 1ClickDownloader, (OneClickDownload) FreeHDSport and Yontoo are often the culprits or CouponDD adverts. If any of these titles are found in your browser attachments remove them immediately.
Google Chrome

1. Click on the Wrench or 3 bar icon (customize and control icon) next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions.

2.  Delete CouponDropDown by clicking the trash can icon next to it.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click Tools and select Add-ons. (Ctrl+Shift+A)

2. On the Extensions and Plugin tabs find CouponDropDown and remove it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and select Manage add-ons.

2. On the Toolbars and Extensions tabs find CouponDropDown and remove it.

5. Clear Cache And Cookies

If you visited, or clicked links from CouponDropDown adware advertisements it is recommended to delete your browser data. and related websites load cookie files onto computer system without direct permission. This allows them to collect, store, and track information such as browser activity and system information. You can remove your browser cache and cookie files in your browser’s preferencee or settings options.


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121 replies to “How to remove CouponDropDown (Virus Removal Guide)

  1. Anonymous

    I tried various things but the only one that worked was removing Web assistant, which was installed with Incredibar, neither of which I accepted.

  2. Anonymous

    OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…Mine was IB Updater, Yontoo, Updater by sweetpacks at the same damn time so you can imagine what i was going through but after unstalling them coupondropdown was gone.. You are the best i am forever greatful :0

  3. Mike

    Thank you! My extension was “Updater by Sweetpacks ” I deleted it off firefox by going to Tools and off my PC using the Add/Remove program.

  4. Anonymous

    I got rid of web assistant from the extensions and then I reopened google chrome. coupondropdown was gone :) Thank you so much for your help.

  5. George Woods

    Thanks you so much, I didnt have a clue what was going on and since I have an old laptop, the flash ads meant streaming videos was a nightmare. Once again thanks a lot bro!!

  6. Glenn

    Thanks, Cleared freecorder add ons and cookies. No more coupon drop down or unwanted search engine.

    Still got freecorder, could they return if I continue to use it?
    Great article.

  7. ace576

    Note that coupondropdown now also poses as legitimate sounding add-ons. Try enabling and disabling one by one to see which is the cause.
    Coupondropdown was posing as ‘google update’ on my browser.

    1. Grclee

      O My, I tried to remove Ads CouponDropDown for a long time and followed another instruction using free malware programs. But still had the problem until removing Thanks you so much. I don’t see young Asian girls asking for icky things any more!!

  8. muddassir

    OMFG Thank you Soo much! I had like all these disgusting ads on my youtube browser :/ with like 50 year old women asking for dates chilling on my desktop with bikinis and shit my parents got so mad, they thought I was doing some very innapropriate… but thank you so much just had to disable putlocker from google chrome!


  9. Stan

    just felt I’d add from my experience, I had this coupondropdown but it was under “yontoo” which had a bunch of internet crap I didnt want

  10. Pingback: What is with the Green words with add popping out?

  11. E.

    Putlocker did it, which I discovered by accident when doing a routine clearout. 24 hours later it was back. Turned out to be TornTV the second time, as mentioned in other comments. I never downloaded or installed either of them.

  12. OdaO (@OdaO)

    Hallelujah! I just got rid of the horrid Coupon drop down, by removing my recently installed/updated(don’t recall which) FLASH PLAYER!!

    I really could not believe Flash Player could be the sinner, but being my only recent installment, I had to take the chance, and removed it!

    Instantly, all my troubles with Coupon drop down(with all these ads from women offering their services.. ugh!) were gone!!

    1. OdaO (@OdaO)

      PS. It also affected all the links in whatever page I visited, the same phone-ad popped up every time, and unabled the link, really.

      I will still need a plug-in like Flash player, but which other are there? Will the malware follow again if I uplode Flash, or was I unlucky the first time? I do not remember if my newly uploded Windows protection program were uploded before or after Flash, but no malware was detected on my computer, even right before I chose to remove Flash. I wonder why?

      I guess I must dare to try uploding Flash again.. but not just yet!

      1. OdaO (@OdaO)

        Ten more days of coupon drop dead hell.. and finally I found the last culprit of the PutLocker Downloader, in the Firefox Add-ons, when I clicked on ‘Tools’ (basic yes, but I was too exhausted to see beyond removing programs)
        Thank you so much!!!<3 Your recipe over here did it!

    2. mr. flintstone

      Thanks! I did also update my Flash player and this is how it got in. I lived with the friggin adware for over a month.

  13. Fuzzy Simpson

    I have been trying to get rid of Coupon Dropdown for months! Thank you, 1 click downloader was the culprit for me! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

  14. Jonny

    Thank you, it was bloody FB Zoom I’d disabled it a while back to see if it was the problem and it didn’t help now that I deleted it its gone thanks :D

  15. Susana

    I was trying to fix this for a while! Had no idea to think about that FBPhotoZoom thing but thats what it was on my laptop! Finally got rid of that annoying malware! Thank you so much!