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Remove 1ClickDownloader

How To Remove 1ClickDownloader Malware – Uninstall 1ClickDownloader App And Remove Third Party Hijackers

What is 1ClickDownloader (1Click Downloader virus)?

1Click Downloader is a company from Cyprus (Limassol) and the application titled 1ClickDownloader is their primary product. 1ClickDownloader is freeware that many cyber security experts refer to as malware, particularly a browser hijacker, though 1ClickDownloader primarily associates with and uses adware and spyware platforms to earn revenue via distribution of free products.
Remove 1ClickDownloader
The 1Click Downloader application is allegedly used to efficiently deliver large files across the internet with no needs for external clients or special configurations. 

1ClickDownloader is also known as the 1ClickDownloader virus or simply 1Click Downloader. Please note, 1ClickDownloader is not a virus.

Is 1ClickDownloader safe?

No 1ClickDownlader is not considered safe. 1ClickDownloader bundles with third parties such as in-text adware platform Text Enhance to earn revenue. In turn, these third parties (or in this explanation  Text Enhance) display unwanted advertisements which may lead to malicious links capable of infecting a computer with additional malware, viruses, Trojans, and worms.

Aside from adware associated with 1ClickDownlader and the 1ClickDownlader app, 1ClickDownlader is linked to other malware platforms including spyware. Third parties can again bundle with and utilize the 1ClickDownlader application to gather information about the computer user and system the malicious application is installed on, including geographical location and internet history.

How did 1ClickDownloaderr get on my computer?

1ClickDownloader can be voluntarily installed from their website but is known to install onto computer systems without permission, as well as attach to internet browsers via third parties.

1ClickDownloader may have been contracted by installing third-party software particularly as freeware and shareware. Many third parties pay to affiliate with the 1ClickDownloader program, as 1ClickDownloader also pays to affiliate with third parties.

How To Remove 1ClickDownloader Malware

  1. Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software – Scan and remove malware
  2. System Restore – Restore PC to date and time before indection
  3. Uninstall 1ClickDownloader – Uninstall 1ClickDownloader using Window’s Uninstaller
  4. Remove 1ClickDownloader and associated add-ons, extensions, and Toolbars
*1ClickDownloader Removal Tip

As stated many times, 1ClickDownloader is primarily associated with third parties. These third parties may cause many negative affects to occur on a computer system aside from common symptoms linked with 1ClickDownloader.

If your internet browser settings such as Home Page and Provided Search Engine (internal browser search engine) without your consent you are facing symptoms of a common browser hijack.

1. Anti-Malware Software (Detect And Remove Malware)

Malwarebytes is the most recommended Antivirus / Anti-Malware software used to scan, detect, and remove malware including browser hijackers. View other Antivirus recommendations. Use either free or paid versions to perform a full system scan.
Remove Virus

2. System Restore  (Troubleshoot)

Perform a system restore to an automatic restore point created by Window’s each week and during system updates. System Restores can be very helpful to remove all types of malware.

3. Uninstall 1ClickDownloader

The 1ClickDownloader application can be voluntary installed as well as installed without permission. If 1ClickDownloader is on your computer, remove it immedialy using the steps below.

1. Access Window’s Start Menu and select Control Panel

2. Select Uninstall a program or Add and remove programs

3. Look for 1ClickDownloader in the list of installed programs, once found (if at all) select 1ClickDownloader and click the Uninstall button or double 1ClickDownloader to remove it.

4. Remove 1ClickDownloader (Add-on, Extension, Toolbar)

Remove 1ClickDownloader and third party browser helper objects.

To view a list of associated BHOs please refer to a previous post about Text Enhance.

The most commonly installed third party extensions are TornTV and Yontoo.
Mozilla Firefox

1. Click Tools and select Add-ons. (Ctrl+Shift+A)

2. On the Extensions and Plugin look for any suspicious add-ons and Toolbars related to 1ClickDownloader and remove them.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and select Manage add-ons.

2. On the Toolbars and Extensions tab look for any suspicious add-ons and Toolbars related to 1ClickDownloader and remove them.

Google Chrome

1. Click on the Wrench or 3 bar icon next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions.

2. Look for any suspicious extensions and Toolbars that may be related to the 1ClickDownloader virus and remove them by clicking the trashcan icon adjacent to the add-on/extension.

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