How To Make Money Online With Your Blog, Website, And Free Services Without Being Scandalous

Make money online with a blog, forum, or free service

So you’re giving away free products, services, promotions, apps, or you have a free forum, discussion, or informative type of website structure or a blog and you’re actually generating a pretty decent amount of relevant traffic but you’re not turning a profit – you’re not making any money off of your website when you could be. You also have a good strong belief in your ethics so you don’t want to submit to any services or tactics that seem spam-like or mischievous – ie: adware platforms (similar to Text Enhance) or mass emailing lists (without consent), and even asking potential customers for their credit information in return for some type of free service or trial. These tactics seem unethical to you, there has to be another way to make money online, and fast!

Free Trials

Free trials always sound great, but usually the potentially new customer/user may suspect some type of “catch”. Free trials where a customer has to commit their credit card number and private information (to potentially get charge recurring monthly) is highly frowned upon and dismissed by usual demographics. Potential users see this as a scam and “blackhat” tactic and will turn their back on this sort of online practive for one of your could-be competitors instead. Sure some credible businesses do offer free trials in exchange for your personal credit information but it’s only an obvious and desperate business decision which in the long run can be very self-destructive. It is not suggested to force users to hand over their personal information solely for a free trial, especially over the internet.

make money with your web site

Affiliate Programs

The obvious and most genuine route to go about making money by utilizing your free services online is to partner with a credible and fair affiliate program/company where you can customize and generate advertisements, banners, buttons, text links, and more relative to your free online services or promotions.

Your revenue structure is played out by your website visotrs clicks and your conversion rates mixed in with your over all earnings per click – meaning if someone clicked the affiliate ad (or link) on your website and purchased your affiliate partner’s product or service from their website or server you will make money from that commission (or you may have another type of financial earning system set up with your affiliates). Affiliate earnings can be routinely deposited to your bank and credit accounts or any online services like paypal.


  • If you had a website that offers free information about movies and cinema – or maybe even a movie discussion forum, you could add links and advertisements to an affiliate website or shop that offered movies, film gear, or any type of cinema merchandise or product.
  • In a created page, article, blog, or thread about the movie “Gladiator” you could add an affiliate link to purchase the movie “Gladiator” from a third party somewhere strategically on your webpage.

As long as the ads you generate are relevant to your website content you will be in great shape to turn a profit and maintain a healthy affiliate partnership.

These are just quick examples of how the content and advertisement need to be relative to each other. Other affiliate programs may display custom advertisements on your website based on your content’s keyword. All you/the website owner has to do is simply place the ad code in the most sufficient location.

Joining a relative affiliate program is the best and most ethically conscious way to generate the most revenue from your free online services but finding and choosing correct affiliates can be a mighty task in itself.

Affiliate Suggestion: Google Adsense

Google adsense is an advertisement platform which can help you earn money based off your website’s content. An example of Google Adsense is the 200 x 200 text advertisement we have placed at the top of our sidebar.

Your website must have unique content, Google will manually analyze every website and is not shy to turn anyone interested in their program down. Google Adsense can earn a website with a lot of content a large amount of fast money.


How to find affiliate progarms

You can reach out and find companies whom offer relative products and advertisment programs (to join their affiliate program) by simply searching their website (or a website of interest) for a link or page to their program or by emailing them and starting up a conversation. Ask them about their affiliate program or make suggestions that can be valuable to their business. Always be prepared for the conversation by understanding your own websites traffic and relevance to their progarm.

Everyone wants more online views and sales – and you want to generate money so don’t hesitate to optimize your situation by networking yourself with relative individuals and brands.

  • If you are hosted by Go Daddy they offer a easy look at Affiliations by offering you comission for using their advertisment codes on your webpage. You can find Go Daddys affiliate program: here

make money with your web site


[Dropcaps]In conclusion, affiliate programs which generate relative ads have the most potential for generating income from a blog or website which offers no services… It’s that simple![/Dropcaps]

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Sean Doyle is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. Sean's primary focuses include Internet Security, Web Spam, and Online Marketing.

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