How To Login To WordPress With An Email Address (Enabling Email Addresses)

Login To WordPress With Your Email Address

    WordPress by default does not allow registered website users to login using their provided email addresses.

However there’s a simple code that will provide all users of your WordPress blog or website the luxury of logging in using their email address or user name.

  • Before you use this snippet, which is commonly used by many WordPress website owners, be aware that for a secure website, it is never recommended to let anyone else know your administrative login name, therefore if someone knows your personal email address which is used to login, they have a head start at figuring out your password. But then again, if you are use proper password guidelines you are statistically in good shape. We use it from time to time!

Down Copy and paste the code below into your functions.php folder.

function login_with_email_address($username) {
	$user = get_user_by_email($username);
		$username = $user->user_login;
	return $username;
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