How to fix This webpage has a redirect loop error on WordPress

This webpage has a redirect loop WordPress fix

A friend of mine recently came upon an issue on her WordPress website. Suddenly she couldn’t visit any of the pages on her website that use the default template for her WordPress theme. Whenever she visited specific webpages on her site the internet browser which she used would fail to retrieve the page. Google Chrome would show a message that says “This webpage has a redirect loop” when attempting to access the webpages.

fix This webpage has a redirect loop wordpress

When she told me this I automatically suspected it to be a SEO plugin glitch concerning 301 errors. While anyone who thinks that could be right that was not essentially the problem that was identified.

I logged into her administrative account and by default checked how her permalinks were set up. They seemed fine; they were set to Post name (/%postname%/). I also checked her plugin settings and everything seemed fine as well. She began to tell me that the This webpage has a redirect loop error on her WordPress website had only been recently happening and that she never made any changes to her website at all, so nothing should have caused the webpage to start a redirect loop.

After everything seemed fine, I felt utterly stumped; however, optimistic that this was a simple error. I quickly went back into the permalink settings, clicked on Custom Structure, clicked the Post Name common setting again, and then pushed the Save Changes button… and what do you know the This webpage has a redirect loop message was gone. The WordPress website was fixed and the error no longer appeared on any internet browser including Google Chrome.

How to fix This webpage has a redirect loop

Use the text and video instructions below to easily fix the This webpage has a redirect loop on your WordPress website. If you would like to share additional solutions and tips please feel free to leave a comment below.

1. Sign into a WordPress admin account for your website.


2. In the WordPress dashboard under the Settings tab on the left sidebar, select Permalinks.

fix wordpress redirect loop chrome

3. In the Common Settings briefly select a different setting for your permalink structure and then select your original permalink setting and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

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  • sylvia

    So simple and it worked! Thank you so much…

    • Hah I know, it’s such a random little fix! You are welcome, glad you got it taken care of!

  • rijo

    What if wp-admin page shows redirect loop error ? Then you cannot login dashboard to do that.

    • If that is the case you will want to contact your web hosting provider. You can also try wp-login.php.

      You will also be able to access your Control Panel (CPanel) if you have one to make the appropriate changes.

      Good luck!

  • Mark

    I cannot tell you how long I’ve been trying to fix this issue with my wp site. Thank you!!!

  • RAF

    Dear Sean, when I try to login to wp-login.php … the page redirect directly to /wp-admin/install.php
    and I can’t enter to the administration panel and change the Permalinks 🙁 Someone can help? Thank you

    • It would be best to contact your hosting provider for this matter.

  • Jason

    Thanks for your information Sean. I have also read that sometimes this redirect loop can occur when file permissions are not correct. According to the article I referenced, it said to make sure your permissions are set to 644 on all of your wp-admin folders. Hope this also helps!