How To Fix And Report Google Publisher Toolbar (by Google) Bug – “Error While Fetching Publisher Data”

Google Publisher Toolbar (by Google) Error While Fetching Publisher Data Bug

Google’s Google Publisher Toolbar for their AdSense program has been malfunctioning lately due to bugs. While clicking the Google Publisher icon to fetch your AdSense earnings information, Google’s Publisher Toolbar displays the error message: “Error While Fetching Publisher Data ” and does not display (or technically “fetch”) Google AdSense statistics properly (pictured below). Many Google AdSense users using the Google Publisher Toolbar have been complaining about this bug and reporting the bug in their toolbar’s feedback section.

Google Publisher Toolbar (by Google)

Not only does Google’s Google Publisher Toolbar display “Error While Fetching Publisher Data “, the Ad Overlays option which is used to broadcast AdSense advertisement unit’s name and an earnings summary for the webmaster (using Google Chrome) is malfunctioning as well.

Error while fetching publisher data

The Ad Overlays option is often completely disabled; only showing the advertisement as it appears to regular website visitors. The image below shows how the Ad Overlays option should appear if working properly.

Google AdSense Ad Overlays Error

Live video example of “Error While Fetching Publisher Data”

How To Fix The Google Publisher Toolbar Publisher Data Error

There is no realistic process to fix the Error While Fetching Publisher Data bug in the Google Publisher Toolbar for this time being. Many users have found that disabling and enabling the extension causes Google’s Publisher Toolbar to work again. Though it will not work for everyone.

  • Disabled

Google Publisher Toolbar (by Google) Disabled

  • Enabled

Google Publisher Toolbar (by Google) Enabled

Different browser versions of Google chrome do not have an affect on the Google Publisher Toolbar. As long as the extension can be enabled, the Toolbar should function properly. In this case the fetch error is not working.

Report Google Publisher Toolbar (by Google) Bugs

The best solution to repair this bug is to provide feedback to Google’s development team, as many Publisher Toolbar users have been doing. By browsing the toolbar’s feedback it seems like this is the only real bug problem with the toolbar.

Report Error While Fetching Publisher Data Bug

Report Bugs
  • You can report a bug in the Google Publisher Toolbar here:

  • Questions in regards to the Google Publisher Toolbar can be made here:

You can also click on the toolbar’s icon and click either Send Feedback or Help and Options (circled below).

Google Publisher Toolbar



  • Disabling and enabling also worked wonderfully for me 🙂

  • Thanks so much. Disabling and enabling totally worked for me.

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