How to Filter Language Spam in Google Analytics

1 Method: How to Block Language Spam in Google Analytics

Google Analytics spam is quickly growing and becoming a concern with many webmasters and website owners. Spammers are using more methods to spam Google Analytics accounts than ever before and ways to block spam in Google Analytics changes as spammers find ways to get around them.

language spam in google analytics

One new way spammers are using to get into our Google Analytics data is by using the language dimension with a message. Spammers are using the Language dimension to send messages to those who monitor Google Analytics data. One of the most recent instances occurred with a Russian spammer started to use the Language dimension to spam his support for Donald Trump.

How to Block Language Spam in Google Analytics

In order to block language spam in Google Analytics it is recommended to create an exclude filter for language spam using the “language setting” filter type.

1. Log in to your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin tab

2. In the “View” column select Filters and then click + Add Filter

3. Add a Filter Name: Language Spam (or something you can easily remember)

4. Go to: Filter Type > Custom > Exclude

5. Select Filter FieldLanguage settings

block language spam in google analytics

The numbers in the image do not represent the numerical order of steps

6. Add a Filter Pattern\s[^s]*\s|.{15,}|\.|,

7. Click on the blue text that says Verify this filter to see a preview table of how this filter will work in your account. You should only see language spam on the left side of the table: filter-verification-language-spam

8. After you verify the filter click the Save button on the bottom of the page

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