How to Filter Language Spam in Google Analytics

Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. Sean’s primary focuses include Internet Security, Web Spam, and Online Marketing.

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4 Responses

  1. Stuart says:

    Nice solution Sean, this is definitely solve my problem.



    Admin of

  2. Napitoe says:

    Hi Sean Doyle,

    Your information is very informative. I like it.

    I know, how to defense spam in google analytics.

    Thanks a lot again. formulabloggercomnawaterprogramnet

  3. Sarumpun says:

    Hi Sean Doyle, The language makes me anxious and uncomfortable. Now the issue has been resolved in a way that you give. Thank you..

    Greetings from the State Indonesia

  4. Laurie says:

    Hi Sean,
    Thanks for the post. Great idea!

    Quick FYI — I think your filter pattern has a slight error.

    You want the first part to match any whitespace, followed by 0 or more non-whitespace, followed by another whitespace. The expression in your post is missing a backslash after the carrot. (You need to escape that “s”, otherwise it will match 0 or more non-s characters, instead of non-whitespace characters.) You can test it out here:
    Thanks again,

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