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How to locate and clear your Facebook Search History

Do you search for exes on Facebook, or anything that might embarrass you if your Facebook account was accessed? Did you know Facebook stores your search history?

Facebook Search History Removal Instructions

It’s true, a not-so new, but recently discovered by the masses Facebook feature allows anyone logged into a particular Facebook account to browse the entire search history… The entire search history, meaning your exboyfriends or exgirlfriends name.

This search history feature for Facebook is highly disliked by couples whom share accounts, or access their partners Facebook account since, a lot of people do search for past flames on Facebook.

Many feel the Facebook search history feature is an invasion of privacy, since Facebook accounts are often compromised, or accessed by applications, family members, and friends.

Can Other People View Your Facebook Search History?

Facebook search history can only be viewed by the Facebook user that is logged in. By default, Facebook sets searched items to be viewed by Only Me.

Can You Delete Facebook Search History?

Yes. A few weeks prior to writing this, there was no possible way to delete all Facebook search history at once, you had to simply click an icon next to each individually searched item, etc. Luckily there is now a simple solution to clear your entire Facebook search history with one click.

Green Arrow Bullet   How To Clear Facebook Search History

The instructions and video detail how to delete your entire Facebook search history at once, or single Facebook search terms.

1. Login to your Facebook account and navigate to your Facebook profile page.

Facebook Profile

2. In the top right corner on your Facebook profile page, click the Activity Log button.

Remove Facebook Search History

3. On the left side of the page, under the 3rd section (photos, likes, comments), click MORE to open additional selections.

Facebook Search History Activity Log

4.  On the bottom of the list click Search.

Clear Facebook Search

5. To clear your entire Facebook search history at once, click the Clear Searches link in the top right corner.

Clear Facebook Searches

Removing Individual Facebook Search History Terms

To remove individual searches, opposed to clearing the entire Facebook search history, click the icon on the right side of the searched term and click Remove when prompted.

Remove Individual Facebook Search Terms


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9 replies to “How to locate and clear your Facebook Search History

  1. isabelle

    Your hints were very helpful and worked well last few weeks until today when the Clear Searches link at the top is not there anymore!!

  2. Kawaii

    I need help!!!

    I want to get rid of some people name on the search bar. Every time I enter a specific letter that name will pop up and I don’t want to.
    I have cleared everything on it what is followed but when I search its still there.

    Can somebody help me?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Anonymous

    the “clear searches” option is gone!. Facebook removed the “search” option in the list on the left. So you are no longer allowed to remove your search history! Terrible

    1. Sean Doyle Post author

      You are right. We are unsure if they are going to “rebrand” the search history options using a different title, or if they entirely removed the option in order to better accommodate advertisers, etc.

      It could come back…

      ***Update April, 3rd 2013***
      The search option is back!