Adware: How to Block, Disable, And Remove Kontera Advertisement Text Links

Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. Sean's primary focuses include Internet Security, Web Spam, and Online Marketing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!!! This stupid adware has been bothering me forever and this is the only thing that works to disable it!

  2. pras says:

    Thank you very much..

  3. spotmom says:

    Thank you so much! I despise ads and those annoying text ads that you accidentally mouse over while reading a page are a huge waste of my time and patience! I also use a hosts file to block all the other winky/blinky crap on the web. I go nuts using someone else’s computer that does not use a custom hosts file!

  4. Bill Knight says:

    Got an eMail today,not really sure who sent it,but its context hints towards someone from Kontera Inc.
    Here it is;
    “Kontera is not a browser based program. Kontera links are enabled by publishers inserting Kontera code into their CMS in order to monetize page views. In this respect Kontera is not an adware product. They are an ad network.”
    So basically the eMail is saying that because “Company X” opts to use Konteras intext add service & because Kontera asks Company X to insert the code itself,it’s somehow not Adware.

    Well Dude allow me to say that Kontera can jump thru whatever legal loopholes they want & they can word it any way they want. Bottom line is “Kontera pushs Adds at consumers & just because Kontera’s found a way to not call itself Adware doesn’t change the fact that it’s the same Hustle just with some New Flow/Mac.
    Nor does it change the fact that Kontera’s still Highly Unwanted by all consumers. I don’t care who builds or injects the code & you can call it what ever you want,it’s still entrapment-ware to me & I wish it gone.

    • Bill Knight says:

      I offer my sincerest apology to Mr.Sean Doyle.
      For my failing to recognize him as the sender of the eMail I highlighted in my previous post.
      I do not believe Mr.Doyle to be a Representative of Kontera,but rather,a peer seeking refuge from Konteras deluge of adds.

      I think because I opened my eMail,while on my iPhone instead of my laptop,resulted in the rendering of a “Non-Mobile” version of the email,while on a Mobile device. Maybe?

      Hell I don’t know, but ultimately my inability to see who sent the eMail resulted in my viewing the message out of context & so I saw the eMails content as an “excuse from Kontera” ,rather than a “did you know?” from a peer)
      “Once again I do apologize”.
      Bill Knight

  5. Bill Knight says:

    It is my well thought out opinion that Kontera has single handedly made browsing the Web a upsetting mess. I feel that when an advertisers product reroutes,hinders or obstructs a users ability to freely navigate the Web as one normaly would,then it boarders on the criminal.
    Criminal on the grounds of “entrapment” or rather “E-entrapment”.

    There needs to be legislation that’ll put an end to this “Jack-Ware”,because thats what it is. Software designed to HighJack

    • Sean Doyle says:

      Never thought of it as entrapment before, I like that.

      • Bill Knight says:

        Thank you for saying so.
        I read up on entrapment & Kontera meets the criteria to be labeled as entrapment,(unless I’m missing something).Truth is,the definition below fits all Intext-Adds to a “T” not just Kontera.

        I’m so uterly frustrated by this Nexgen-eEntrapment-Ware that I’m past the point of frustration,which is why I address it so harshly. However words can not convey how badly I want Konteras “intext-adds” exposed for what it is & promptly dealt with by our representatives at a federal level,just as they did with spam & popups.

        Entrapment Defined:
        “To inducing one to commit an act that they’re not previously disposed to commit”

        • Bill Knight says:

          Thank you for the sugested steps,but none seem to hold.
          No I don’t delete my cookies & yes I visit OBA & NAI’s OptOut pages regularly to ensure my cookies are still intact. Yes I’ve installed “Protect My Choices” & yes I’ve added Kontera to my list of restricted websites & my host file. I’ve tried each of these steps individually & in tandom but all eventually fail to hold. Kontera seems to find a way to keep on keepin on.
          Oh yeah one more thing I have a fully updated paid subscription of MBAM installed on my Windows 7 Toshiba Laptop.

  6. Nico says:

    Mac version? Please?

  7. justin says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Kontera popups are so annoying, I hate having to try to dodge the links with my mouse so they don’t pop up.

  8. WormPress says:

    Thank you once again.

  9. Kyle Cameron says:

    Kontera is a scam and all in text advertising companies are a no go.

  10. Dara says:

    Thanks for the detail. Confusing before i did not know what Kontera was and kept seeing ads. (pardon my english)

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