How to block advmaker advertisements

Despite what deceptive and malicious security blogs want to tell you Advmaker advertisements are not caused by adware. This is because Advmaker is an advertising platform, not a program. Websites embed Advmaker advertisements into their webpages via code in order to generate revenue from cost-per-click advertisements or commission-based advertising campaigns.


There is no program that will display Advmaker ads in your web browser; However, It has come to our attention that some deceptive websites may claim otherwise. When it comes to internet security, deceptive malware removal websites are something you should look out for as an extension to your initial infection. Some websites may claim that they have instructions to remove “Advmaker virus” from your computer. The instructions usually include to download and install a free “scan only” program. The free scan-only programs are usually designed to show misleading scan results in order to scare victims into purchasing the full program. In reality, the computer is clean and in good shape despite what the deceptive website and affiliated program claim.

If you notice Advmaker ads in your web browser it does not mean that your computer is infected with adware. A variety of websites will include a code into the files of their websites to display advertisements from this advertising platform to you and other web visitors.

Although Advmaker is not adware and can only be shown via websites that have included the code the advertisements may be embedded into webpages that promote prohibited content and utilize other advertisements that advertise rogue programs or contain malicious links.

Block advmaker ads with browser attachments

To block advmaker advertisements in your web browser it is recommended to install a reputable browser add-on or attachment like AdBlock or AdBlock Plus.