How To Access Popular Websites During A DNS Takedown (SOPA Emergency List)

During a DNS “takedown” a website is no longer accessible by domain name.

Luckily there is an emergency IP list full of popular websites with instructions how to use it below, as well as instructions which detail how to detect or “ping” a specific website in order to acquire its IP address or check if the website is still online.

SOPA Emergency IP Address list:

Website IP Address

How to access your favorite websites in the event of a DNS takedown

1. It is first suggested to “ping” the initial IP address to make sure the IP address is correct, to acquire the correct IP address, or ensure the website is still online.

  • Open Window’s start menu and type CMD into the search field, then press Enter.
Type CMD
  • Once the Command Prompt is displayed type “ping IP Adress” containing the IP address of the website you wish to visit. For example Facebook would be “ping” to ensure this is the correct IP.
Ping Facebooks IP address
  • You can even ping a website to acquire its correct IP address by typing the domain name into the Command Prompt. For example with Facebook, type “ping” and you get replies from the correct IP addresses.
Ping Facebook

2. To access a popular website using your internet browser type the IP address into the field and press Enter.
69 171 234 211

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  1. ReplyRob
    These IP addresses are not working for me, did browsers change to block this, the websites stop allowing this or are my ISPs just different?
  2. ReplyAnonymous
    You know, if there is a "DNS Takedown" (which is highly unlikely considering there are domain name servers everywhere so you could just use a different one), "ping" wouldn't work because "" is a DOMAIN NAME and requires a DNS to resolve!
    • ReplyAnonymous
      YOU FOOL! i came to this network during a DNS server take down and your comment was the least helpful one i've seen in my life...
  3. ReplyAnonymous