Guide To Understanding The Introverted (Infographic)

Guide to understanding the introverted part 1

Guide to understanding the introverted part 2


  • Amy

    The last comment don’t demand to have energy spent on you especially if it is not necessary. If someone is in a relationship with an introvert and things need to be discussed when is someone suppose to decide what is and isn’t energy taxing for the introvert. Relationships are messy and mentally exhausting at times. You don’t always have a choice to sit and think whether or not the discussion will be exhausting for someone. Life moves forward. One can understand it and give the introvert space but sometimes that drives love ones away.
    So where is the guide for the introvert to understand how to get along with the world? This should be the follow up article.
    Just suggesting. Of course read this when you feel you are ready and NOT to stressed about the world.

  • Lina

    Very useful, thanks a lot!