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Google reverse image lookup

How to do a “Google reverse image lookup”

Google reverse image lookup (also known as reverse image search) allows you to search for duplicate images, matching images, visually similar images, and webpages that contain matching and similar images that you provide via an image URL or image file. Google reverse image lookup is especially valuable to search for original images, images protected by your copyright that are being used without your consent, and much more. I often use Google reverse image lookup to uncover fake Facebook profiles by searching for the origin of the dubious user’s primary image.

1. Go to Google.com and click Images at the top of the webpage.

Google reverse image lookup

2. In the search field click the camera icon (Search by image icon).

reverse image lookup

3. On the Search by Image window enter the URL of an image you want to lookup or select Upload an image to use an image from your computer.

Google image lookup

4. Google will show you several image results under these categories: Best guess for this image, Visually similar images, and Pages that include matching images

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