Google Chrome is blocking access to and other torrent sites

UPDATE 10/09/15: Google Chrome blocks again due to harmful programs

UPDATE 10/20/15: KickassTorrents blocked due to harmful programs

Google Chrome is currently blocking access to (KickassTorrents), Torrentz, ExtraTorrent, RARGB, and other torrent sites. If you try to visit you will be presented with a red webpage that says “the site ahead contains harmful programs.” The complete message goes on to detail that “attackers on might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, by changing your homepage or showing extra ads on sites you visit).” However, Google Safe Browsing contradicts their own statements and says that “has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days” and that “ did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.”

Google Chrome is blocking access to and other torrent sites

There have been no published reasons why Google Chrome has began to block popular torrent websites such as The claim that and other websites contain harmful programs has already been debunked by, well, Google themselves.

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The owners of the popular torrent websites are clueless as to why Google Chrome has began to block access to their respective websites. They have stated that they were not given a reason as to why their websites were blocked by Google. RARGB further stated that “I hope Google comes to its senses and actually allows webmasters to see what the issue is in their webmasters tools.”

How to turn off Google Chrome phishing & malware warnings

To access and other torrent websites using Google Chrome without having to click details and visit the site every time you leave the site and return you can turn off phishing and malware warnings using the instructions below. Otherwise, just click details and visit the site until the option expires.

  1. In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu (customize and control Google Chrome).
  2. Select Settings and go to Show advanced settings.
  3. Under “Privacy,” uncheck the box “Enable phishing and malware protection.”

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  1. ReplyHellsing
    it is not good idea to turn off the safe browsing.
  2. ReplyKye
    Thanks man. Turning off the protection is so much better than having to click details and visit the site every effing time.