The first four episodes of Game of Thrones have been leaked on online torrent websites. A rumor has also suggested that a full 6 episodes of the new season will also appear online. The first four episodes of the series started making their way around the web Saturday night after being uploaded to several Torrent websites (such as, a day prior to the official Sunday premiere.

Game of Thrones leaked online

The leaks arrive one week after Greg Spence, Game of Thrones’ post-production producer, talked about the likelihood of someone uploading leaked footage to the internet. The show also fell victim to a leak back in January when a cellphone captured it’s premiere trailer and was leaked online.

Game of Thrones is the most popular illegally downloaded show in the world, so it’s no stranger to online pirates.

The four confirmed leaked Game of Throne episodes appear to originate from a screener sent to reviewers ahead of the television show’s official launch. There are four episodes on the screener, but rumor has it that 2 more will be leaked soon. The leaked episodes are in 480p, which is equivalent to the quality of standard television set. Furthermore, the screen contains a digital watermark which is blurred out.

An HBO representative was unavailable to comment on the leaks late Saturday night.

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