Fetch as Googlebot – There was an error processing your request

Fetch as Googlebot Submission Error

Google’s diagnostics tool (located under the “Health” tab) in Google’s webmaster tool box titled “Fetch as Googlebot is an online tool that lets you see exactly how a page appears to Google’s Googlebot and allows you to submit URLs to Google’s index. But sometimes Fetch as Googlebot shows an upsetting error message when attempting to submit URLs to Google’s index after having successfully fetched the page.

The error message reads: There was an error processing your request (pictured)


There was an error processing your request Fetch as Googlebot

1. Fetch as Googlebot will still fetch the specified URL.
Fetch as Googlebot error
2. But will not allow you to manually submit URLs to Google’s index.
Google index error

Why did this error message happen?  Banned by Google?

You are not banned by Google and your URL will still be indexed by Google (in most cases). Your webpage will certainly show up on Google’s SERPS without manually submitting it using the Fetch as Googlebot tool found in Google’s webmaster toolbox.

This error (There was an error processing your request) is tecnically a bug in Google’s manual indexing system (Fecth as Googlebot) and has nothing to do with anyone’s website. This fetch error does not mean your website is banned by Google, nor in harm.


1. Continue submitting your URL manually using the Fetch as Googlebot tool until your webpage has been approved. No harm, no foul.

Your request has been received and will be processed shortly

2. Stay on track of your website’s SEO so this type of situation doesn’t include you webpage the next time.

Sean Doyle


Sean Doyle is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. Sean's primary focuses include Internet Security, Web Spam, and Online Marketing.

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  1. ReplyGagan Kharbanda
    thanks for pots..
  2. ReplyMichael Daewon
    i got the same problem :(
  3. ReplyOzsubasi
    Yesterday it failed to fetch. Today it has fetched, but the error message appears when I try to submit.
    • ReplyAuthorAdmin
      There are a few current bugs, that being one of them, though if you click submit again it may possibly index successfully. The other bug being the fetch status process freezes while pending.
  4. Replyjason
    Your unique visitor bot worked now my website is ranking even higher im at 55,000 http://www.emeraldmatch.com
  5. Replycochineal
    with this problem from first in the rank I am now in 150 in one day:((( because make this the google and give it priority in the news pages if have extra category for news !!!
  6. ReplySio
    Thanks for the update..this has been driving me crazy for days now.
  7. Replymmem700
    When trying to read this article, the light blue bar containing "LIKE" and "TWEET" etc. is hovering over the left side of the article covering part of it up. I'm using Firefox 10.0.2.
  8. ReplyCarl
    WOW! Thanks, I was quite worried with all this Google stuff going on lately.
  9. Replygreenway
    Thanks for the update! As of today I am still experiencing the issue but am hoping for a quick resolution.
  10. ReplyKurl
    Good to know because i too was having similar problem todate. Well, how about my Blogger custom domain statistics not showing up. I mean the Traffic sources, referring sites and keywords? i can see number of visits but wont see where they come from. Any know how?
  11. ReplyAuthor@WPsean
    Glad to clear things up.
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  13. ReplyBlog Designer
    Thanks for that update. I was literally going nuts when I saw that.
  14. Replycarbon_123
    Thanks for the update, this has been driving me crazy
  15. Replyalex
    google messed up again
  16. ReplyFelipe Veiga
    Thanks for sharing the information, I was worried my url was banned. Thanks a lot!
  17. ReplyTanmayi
    Good information...... Thanks