LinkedIn Email Spam –  Fake Join my network on LinkedIn Messages

Fake LinkedIn emails are not out of the ordinary, but a new series of dangerous emails disguised as LinkedIn have been making rounds to unsuspecting LinkedIn users. The emails seem very real, as the subject line is “Join my network on LinkedIn” alike legitimate LinkedIn emails notifying users of new or pending invitations. The fake LinkedIn email contains an invitation to join a fake person’s network on LinkedIn, as well as displays fake pending messages, and links to login to your LinkeIn account or Unsubscribe to email updates.

Fake LinkedIn Spam Email Join My Network

The purpose of the fake LinkedIn email is to persuade victims into clicking malicious links provided in the email. This is a tactic known as email phishing.

Don’t Click The Links!

The links provided in the fake LinkedIn email are dangerous and do not lead to the LinkedIn website ( Some reports indicate that the links provided in the LinkedIn spam email may install malware (additional software) to a computer system with out permission, causing malware and malicious pay loads to infect a system, and attach to an internet browser.

LinkedIn Email Spam

Malware associated with the fake LinkedIn emails are closely associated with the browser hijacker category, as common symptoms of relating malware includes redirects to unwanted websites and browser changes without consent, which may include changing the home page or start up page of each internet browser installed on the computer.

Protection Against Malware And Spam

If you suspect your computer system has been affected by malware, it is recommended to run a full system scan with reputable software to detect and remove any malware negatively affecting your computer system and browser.

1. Install Malwarebytes (view other Antivirus software).

2. Update Malwarebytes. Malwarebyte’s database must be updated, this will likely happen automatically. If not please access the Malwarebytes interface and visit the Update tab, click Cheek for Updates.

Malwarebytes Perform Full Scan

3. Perform a full system scan. Fill out the Perform full scan option (radio box), followed by clicking the Scan button to initiate a full system scan to detect and remove malware associated with the fake LinkedIn emails. Please note, Malwarebytes free and paid versions will remove additional malware if it has infected your system along associated malware.

Fake LinkedIn Email Details:

Detailed below is the content from the fake LinkedIn email. Please note, email content may vary, including the names used such as Andrew Ganeikov.



Invitation reminders:

From Andrew Gancikov (Owner, fanoy bv designers / consultants / manufacturers of oil & nat. gas stations)


There are a total of 7 messages awaiting your response. Go to InBox now.

This message was sent to Don't want to receive email notifications? Login to your LinkedIn account to Unsubscribe. 
LinkedIn values your privacy. At no time has LinkedIn made your email address available to any other LinkedIn user without your permission. c 2013, LinkedIn Corporation.

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