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877ipad.com scam

Facebook Scam: Check Out My Ipad 3 – 877ipad.com Scam

Warning: Check out my ipad 3 Facebook scam (877ipad.com)

Common Facebook scams often have to do with electronic giveaways, such as the free Apple ipad 3 scam. The “Check out my ipad 3” Facebook scam, also referred to as the 877ipad.com scam, is no different from similar Facebook scams promising to give away free ipads. The Check out my ipad 3 Facebook scam is a tag-jacking survey scam, associated with third-party malware and the unauthorized installment of Trojan horses. The 877ipad scam claims to be giving away free ipad 3s if Facebook users visit the website www.877ipad.com. The truth is that the 877ipad.com website is primarily used to collect personal information that visitors manually input into surveys and offers and collect revenue from completed third-party surveys and offers.

Check out my ipad 3 Facebook scam 877ipad

The 877ipad.com scam often hijacks Facebook account settings in order to spam the fraudulent free ipad 3 message. The post will also tag friends associated to the account in order to spread awareness of the survey scam and/or the installation of malware.

You may have noticed a friend on your Facebook news feed post something similar to the image above, containing the content below:

Check out my ipad 3!

Guys this website is sending out free ipad 3s for product testing. 
myn was delivered just this morning! I don't know how long it will last so hurry!!!

Just Go Here (Copy & Paste it)

There have been no reported instances of anyone receiving a free ipad 3 from the website 877ipad.com.

How the 877ipad Facebook scam works:

Alike many similar scam websites, 877ipad.com displays text content on their home page that claims there are ipad 3 Testers Wanted and that the visitor has 5 minutes to respond once visiting the page Please note, the counter restarts each time the page is refreshed

877ipad.com scam

The 877ipad.com home page (pictured above) attempts to get visitors to click the Continue button by stating the visitor has been invited to test a new Apple ipad. Once the Continue button is selected, the visitor is then directed to an online survey (pictured below). These surveys are often used to collect personal information, including marital status and home owner status.

877ipad Facebook Survey Scam

Once the survey or series of online surveys are complete, visitors of the 877ipad.com ipad scam site are directed to a page which claims it contains the instructions to complete the last step. The final page claims that in order to qualify for your new Apple ipad you must fully complete a Silver offers listing, which in reality is just non-beneficial sponsored offers, that may initiate the installment of malware, send numerous spam emails to the user, and simply not work as promoted.

You qualify for your new Apple ipad Scam 877ipad

After manually completing the surveys and offers, victims of the 877ipad.com scam may fall victim to severe forms of cyber criminal activity involving, credit theft, extortion, and identity theft.

How to deal with the 877ipad.com Facebook scam:

  • If you have noticed a friend’s account posting about the fake ipad 3 scam in your news feed, do not click any links. Your Facebook friend may have been tricked into believing the free ipad 3 scam is legitimate, or their Facebook account may have become compromised without their consent. It is common courtesy to let your friend(s) know about it by leaving a comment on the free ipad post, but please be kind to those who have fallen to common Facebook scams.
  • If you have fallen for the free ipad 3 Facebook scam, it is important to change your Facebook account password and let your Facebook friends know in order to stop this scam and associated malware from spreading. You can even change your Facebook email account used to login. A recommendation is to publish a post to your friends on your Facebook account, notifying them your account may have been compromised and not to click any suspicious links that your account may post.
  • If you suspect your computer is infected with malware associated to the Facebook ipad 3 scam, perform a full system scan using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

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