Facebook Scam: Facebook Pink Scam – Switch To Pink

Facebook Pink Scam – Switch To Pink Facebook Scam

The Facebook pink scam, also referred to as the Switch to pink Facebook scam and pink profile scam, is a common Facebook tag-jacking and survey scam, that can infect a computer system with malware. The Facebook pink scam primarily hijacks Facebook accounts and tags multiple friends without consent of the Facebook account owner, in order to promote a fake survey or spread malware across the social network.

Facebook Pink Scam

You may have noticed a friend post something similar to the image above. When the Facebook pink scam “hijacks” a user’s account settings, the hijacked account will post a message similar to: “Say goodbye to the boring blue profile and say hello to the new pink profile,” and may contain multiple tagged friends or state that multiple Facebook friends shared the same Facebook pink post.

Facebook Black Scam Survey
Image Source: Facecrooks.com

If a Facebook user, clicks the links contained in the Facebook pink post, they will be taken to an unethical website or survey, that may either 1. install malware to the computer system, or 2.  hijack the Facebook account and spam the Facebook pink post.

Your Facebook theme color will not change from blue to pink.

How to deal with the Facebook Pink Scam

  • If a friend has posted about Facebook pink, do not click any links. Your Facebook friend may have been tricked into believing the Facebook pink scam is legitimate, or their Facebook account may have become compromised without their consent. It is common courtesy to let your friend(s) know about it by leaving a comment on the Facebook Pink post but please be kind to those who have fallen for the Facebook pinkk scam.
  • If you have fallen for the Facebook pink scam, it is important to change your Facebook account password and let your Facebook friends know in order to stop this scam and additional malware from spreading. You can even change your Facebook email account used to login. A recommendation is to publish a post to your friends on your Facebook account, notifying them your account may have been compromised and not to click any suspicious links that your account may post.
  • If you suspect your computer is infected with malware associated to the Facebook pink scam, perform a full system scan using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.