How to Download SoundCloud Songs

3 Methods: Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari  |  Use a Browser Extension  |  Use SoundFlush Service

SoundCloud is a popular social media platform that users can use to record, upload, and download songs in order to share them with others around the web. A lot of songs on SoundCloud are available for download directly from the site. Users are able to let others download their songs for free. However, in some cases, users will disable downloads, which means that other methods will need to be used to download a song from SoundCloud. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari web browsers have default tools that will you to download a SoundCloud song by inspecting the page and locating the correct file. There are also many free browser extensions that can be used to download songs and websites that will allow you to copy and paste a link in order to download a song.

download soundcloud songs

Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers provide default access to developer tools. The developer tools will allow you to inspect the SoundCloud page to locate song file. Once the song file is found you will be able to manually download the song.

If you can, use the download link provided by the artist if the download is available and the download limit has not been reached yet. The download link or button can usually be found beneath the song. Using the download button will help promote the SoundCloud artist and boost their download numbers. It will also result in the high-quality version of the file. It is only recommended to follow this method if free downloads are not available and you can’t purchase the music online.

1. Open the page for the SoundCloud song you want to download. To open the page for the song you want to download go to the artist’s main page and click on the song.

2. Open the developer tools in your browser. Press the F12 button or right click on the page and click inspect.

3. Click the Network tab.

soundcloud network

4. Reload the webpage with the song you want to download. Make sure the song is playing. The Network tab will reset and various entries will begin to appear. The entries can be organized by Type, Size, and Time.

5. Sort the Network tab by “Size” so that the largest objects are shown at the top of the list. The SoundCloud song file is usually near the top of the list and should be the largest file. The “Type” column should indicate that the song is, media, audio/mpeg, or mpeg. You can also sort the Network tab by “Type” to locate the particular type of file.

6. Right click the SoundCloud song in the list and select “Open in a new tab.” If you opened the correct file you the song will begin to play and you will notice media playback buttons. If the song does not open in a new tab then you have selected the wrong entry in the Network tab.

7. Right click the page and select Save as… to save the song file to your computer.

Use a Browser Extension

There are many free browser add-ons and extensions that can be used to download SoundCloud songs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, and more. A suggested browser extension for Google Chrome is SoundCloud Downloader Free.

Use SoundFlush Service

1. Open the SoundCloud page for the song you want to download and copy the song’s entire URL from the address bar to your clipboard.

2. Go to and input the song URL into the text field.

3. Click the Download button.


4. Right-click on the link and select “Save link as“. This will open a window allowing you to save your new MP3 file to your computer.