How to Download SoundCloud Songs

Sean Doyle

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  1. Rebecca Dean says:

    I use Google Chrome mostly, and yeah this was pretty simple to do. Thanks so much for this tutorial.

  2. GC says:

    Hey there,
    Just wanted to let you know that two of the three options you have listed here no longer work. I tried them in multiple browsers and on different computers with no luck.

    Method #1 – Developer Tools:
    No matter what I do, I only get 10 second audio clips all of the exact same size (155.2kb) rather than the entire song. Tried this in both Firefox and Chrome on two computers. Seems like they patched this.

    Method #2 – Browser Extension: SoundCloud Downloader Free
    This was the last one I tried since I’m not a fan of adding extra browser extensions, but this is indeed the only one that worked; it added a “Download” button to the song page that was not previously there and clicking it downloaded an mp3 of the entire song.

    Method #3 –
    I pasted my URL into the text field, got a link, clicked Right Click – Save As and received a 3kb .HTM file as a download. This may have used to work but again, seems they’ve patched this as well.

    Just wanted to let you know that 2 of these 3 are no longer functional, since your page shows up when searching for how to download Soundcloud songs! I also tried many other sites with these and other suggestions, all of which failed. Seems Soundcloud changed something in 2017 to prevent downloading. Huge thank you for being the only site to provide a source that actually works, though! (SoundCloud Downloader Free for Google Chrome).

    • Dirk says:

      I found a way.
      ad Method #1: *) Search for a name like “playlist.m3u8?Policy,,,,” and download it.
      *) Open file with VLC (disclaimer: my native language is not English menu names might be different)
      *) In the menu bar click “media” -> “convert/save”
      *) File -> Add -> Choose m3u file and click on button “convert/save”
      *) As profile use “Audio” and the file type of your liking. You might also change settings like bit rate.
      *) Choose a target file and then click “start”
      *) Wait until VLC has finished saving and enjoy your file.

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