How to disable Windows 8 Right edge swipe (Touchpad)

Windows 8 Right Edge Swipe

remove Windows 8 Right edge swipeIf you own a laptop running the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System you may have noticed the “Charms”  and clock (with date and power/internet icons) that appear when you hover your mouse or pointer on the right side and right corners of the screen. The Windows 8 Charms pop-up anytime you move your cursor to the right side of the screen, even if you  have an open window or are simply on Windows 8 Desktop.

There is no “pure” solution to remove the Charms, but you can disable Right Edge Swipe on your laptop’s Touchpad to stop the unwanted Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings icons on the right side of the window from appearing if you are using a Windows 8 laptop. If you are using a Windows 8 laptop with a USB mouse you will still notice the icons if you hover the mouse cursor to the right side of the screen.

How to disable Right edge swipe (Windows 8)

The instructions and video below will help you disable Right edge swipe on Windows 8 in order to stop the Windows 8 Charms from popping up up when you use the Touchpad on your laptop computer.

1. Right click the bottom left corner of the task bar to open a small Start Menu.

remove right windows 8 right edge swipe charms

2. From this menu, select Control Panel.

disable right edge swipe

3. From the Control Panel Window click Hardware and Sound if you are viewing the Control Panel by category; otherwise select Touchpad.

disable Windows 8 right corner icons

4. In the Hardware and Sound section, find and click Touchpad.

Touchpad Right edge swipe Windows 8

5. A new window will appear. To remove Right edge swipe in order to stop Windows 8 Charms from appearing when you hover to the right edge of the screen deselect Right edge swipe under the One-Finger section.

The Charms on the right side, as well as clock that appears on the bottom left corner will no longer appear on your Windows 8 laptop computer when you use the Touchpad to hover to the ride side or right corner of the screen.