Category: Tech information (IP Address Information and Troubleshooting) is a private IPv4 address that is utilized by a variety of broadband routers. Different devices (computers, etc.) can use the IP address across different networks, however only one device on the network can utilize the IP address.

remove Windows 8 Right edge swipe

How to disable Windows 8 Right edge swipe (Touchpad)

If you own a laptop running the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System you may have noticed the “Charms” and clock (with date and power/internet icons) that appear when you hover your mouse or pointer on the right side and right corners of the screen. The Windows 8 Charms pop-up anytime you move your cursor to the right side of the screen, even if you have an open window or are simply on Windows 8 Desktop.

right click on mac change windows one finger

How to change Mac Right Click to one finger (Instructions)

By default you have to use two fingers to right click on a Mac computer. This can be time consuming and annoying for many Mac computer users, especially new Mac users and those in a business setting. Using two fingers on each side of the touch pad to essentially right click can take longer than using 1 finger, which results in a loss of productivity. It’s also much easier to mess up when trying to right click on a Mac computer, which may cause Mac OS X users to accidentally click the wrong hyperlink or item, and can make correcting typos a daunting task.

show library folder mac os x

How to show the Library folder on Mac OS X (Instructions)

You may have tried to access your personal Library folder on your Mac computer, only to find that it does not exist. Even though you may not have found your Library folder, the Mac OS X Library folder is not gone. The Library folder is simply hidden in newer releases of the Operating System.

Mac Keychain access find wifi password

How to find your Wifi Password on a Mac

Did you know that you can easily find your wireless internet password on your Mac computer? It’s very simple. You do not need to download third-party software or perform any tedious tasks, all you need is your administrator name and password for Mac OS X.

Windows 8 Safe Mode Instructions

How To Start Windows 8 In Safe Mode (Windows 8 Safe Mode Instructions)

Microsoft Windows 8 has been available for the public since Friday October 26th, 2012, so its normal that cyber criminals, scam artists, and hackers have modified computer viruses and malware in order to attack and access Windows 8 operating systems. Since computer viruses on Windows 8 will continue to rise we have provided instructions on how to enter Windows 8 Safe Mode, or essentially boot your PC into Safe Mode on Windows 8.

Windows file

What Is NTVDM.EXE ? NTVDM.EXE File Information – Remove NTVDM.EXE Malware

Ntvdm.exe is a legitimate Windows operating system file and process used to handle a single MS DOS environment but may also be the name of a malicious file and Windows process relating to malware and computer viruses. Though ntvdm.exe is a name of a file and process utilized by cyber criminals, most of the time errors and issues concerning the ntvdm.exe file are related to bugs in system updates and it has been reported that uninstalling both KB2707511 and KB2709162 system updates has fixed problems concerning the NTVDM.exe file.

Windows hosts file

How to block advertisements and malicious resources with Windows hosts file

Specially crafted entries in Windows hosts file and additional custom replacement hosts files (relating to size and performance) can be utilized to block online advertisements, or the domains of known malicious resources and servers that contain, consist, or relate to adware, spyware, botnets and other forms of malware and cyber criminal activity. Blocking malicious sources can be achieved by adding entries into the hosts file for the malicious domains to redirect requests over to another domain that does not exist or to a harmless destination such as a localhost or security tracker.

Windows 8 Search Files

How To Search On Windows 8 Operating Systems (Win 8)

The search function/option on Windows 8 can be accessed very quickly which comes in handy, but for first time Windows 8 users the option to search can be difficult to locate. Previous Windows operating systems had a convenient search field at the bottom of the desktop Start menu, but Windows 8 does not have a start menu (with exceptions to customization), so how do you find search on Windows 8?