scratch and match scam

“Scratch and Match” Car Dealership Scam

Beware of the Scratch and Match scam Desperate car dealerships have been sending “winning” Scratch and Match vouchers in the mail. The Scratch and Match game is a marketing scheme utilized by car …

CodeKase oval led screen

“CodeKase” Car Dealership Scam

Beware of the CodeKase scam CodeKase is a deceptive marketing device delivered through traditional mail that is used for promotional purposes. CodeKase is a plastic oval object with a small LED screen … scam

“VerifyAndGo” Car Dealership Scam

Beware of the VerifyAndGo scam Don’t get excited if you receive a VerifyAndGo voucher in the mail promoting a local car dealership that claims you won cash. The VerifyAndGo voucher is …

SelectTrends Facebook scam

SelectTrends is Not Giving Away 6 Diamond Rings

A Facebook page named SelectTrends published a post on Facebook that claims they are giving away “6 Beautiful Diamond rings” to Facebook users who like their Facebook page, comment “RING” on the …