SelectionLinks virus

How To Remove The SelectionLinks Virus – Uninstall Selection Links Browser Hijacker (Adware Removal)

SelectionLinks, also referred to as Selection Links or the SelectionLinks virus, is malware categorized as adware that displays unwanted advertisements without permission of the computer user. SelectionLinks advertisements pop up while the internet user is browsing the internet, and may consist of in-text style advertisements (alike Text Enhance), where individual words are highlighted and hyper-linked to an advertisement or option menu (dropdown), or Selection Links may display pop-up advertisements and multi-sized banner advertisements, that often have links to the Selection Links website that state About this, click to continue by Selection Links, Selection Download, Fetch anchor links, Fetch text links, etc.

Remove qvo6 virus

How To Remove The Qvo6 Virus – Redirect Virus Removal Instructions is malware, categorized as a browser hijacker, and is often referred to as the Qvo6 virus or Qvo6 redirect virus. The Qvo6 virus primarily changes internet browser settings without the permission of the computer user, causing browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer to start up on and redirect to while attempting to search the internet or direct to a website using the address bar (or omni bar).

Hotstartsearch virus

How To Remove The HotStartSearch Virus – Redirect Removal Instructions (Fast Free Search)

HotStartSearch ( Fast Search), also referred to as the HotStartSearch virus or HotStartSearch redirect, is reported as potentially unwanted malware, categorized as a browser hijacker. HotStartSearch malware changes internet browser settings, including the home page and default (provided, managed) search engine, in order to cause infected internet browsers to start up on and redirect to and other websites. It has also been reported that the HotStartSearch search engine home page may contain malicious links that may initiate the installment of adware, spyware, and trojan horses.

Remove Prize-party virus

How To Remove Prize-Party Malware – Virus (Prize Party Facebook Scams)

Prize-Party, also referred to as Prize Party and the Prize Party virus, is malware, categorized as a browser hijacker, with close associations to adware, spyware, and especially Facebook scams involving iPad testers, iPhone testers, MacBook Air testers, and Blackberry testers, as well as FREE itunes voucher scams. promises to give Facebook users free iPads, iPhones, and other products, if they log in to their website using their Facebook accounts. The truth is that, Prize Party installs a browser attachment (add-on, extension, plug-in, or toolbar) to the computer system that can be used to change existing browser settings or allow the installment of additional third-party malware and does not send participants free electronic merchandise.

Safe Search Virus

How To Remove The SafeSearch Virus – Redirect Virus Removal Instructions

SafeSearch ( and the SafeSearch Toolbar is potentially unwanted malware, categorized as a browser hijacker referred to as the SafeSearch virus, redirect virus, SafeSearch browser hijacker, or simply the Safe Search virus that infects a computer system in order to change existing internet browser settings. SafeSearch changes the home page and default search engine of infected internet browsers, which causes internet searches via the address or omni bar to redirect to and other websites.

Remove Deals Boat Virus

How To Remove Deal Boat Adware – Deal Boat Virus Removal Instructions (Deals Boat Malware)

Deal Boat, also referred to as Deals Boat is malware, categorized as adware, that utilizes a standalone and/or third-party browser hijacker in order to display pop-up advertisements containing unethical sponsored deals and offers. Deals Boat, or Deal Boat advertisements are primarily blue coupon based ads that feature sponsored and/or potentially malicious links and pop up while browsing deal based websites such as Amazon or Kayak.

Clickorati virus

How To Remove The Clickorati Virus – Redirect Removal (Malware)

Clickorati (, also referred to as the Clickorati virus or Clickorati spyware is a very invasive search engine developed by Optimizi Ltd, categorized as malware, in particular a browser hijacker that causes unwanted browser redirections and engages in unethical practices that may entrap unsuspecting victims to unethical terms. The Clickorati virus changes existing internet browser settings including the homepages, deafault search eninges, and browser shortcuts, causing unwanted browser redirections to and other websites. This also causes browsers to start up on the Clickorati search engine. Furthermore, Clickorati malware may promote itself as a legitimate search engine does something more useful than just serving up irrelevant search results (their words), as well as an addon, extension, and toolbar.

Frameseek virus removal

How To Remove The Frameseek Virus – Remove Redirect (Browser Hijacker)

Frameseek, also referred to as the Frameseek virus or Frameseek redirect, is a new potentially unwanted program (PUP) we discovered, categorized as malware, in particular a browser hijacker that may change existing internet browser settings without consent or entrap victims to unethical terms, causing a series of issues. The frameseek virus has been reported by our readers to infect computer systems without consent and cause internet browsers to start up on and redirect to while internet users attempt to search the web using the browser’s address bar. Futhermore, Frameseek ( may utilize browser attachments, including third-party add-ons, extensions, and toolbars, which in turn cause the initial issues concerning Frameseek malware or a standalone browser attachment likely titled Frameseek Toolbar or Frameseek Community Toolbar.

Google Browser Update Required virus

How to remove the “Google Update” Virus (Removal Guide)

The Google Update virus, googleupdate.exe virus, Google Chrome update virus, or the Browser Update Required virus are terms used for combo malware categorized as adware and a browser hijacker that is utilized by unethical third-parties who practice social engineering by attempting to appear like a legitimate Google update add-on, extension, and tool used to update Google Search and Google Chrome, though Google Update may attach as a browser helper object to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The Google Update virus is essentially an add-on and extension that attaches to internet browsers without consent in order to display unwanted advertisements, including in-text ads, pop-up ads, and coupon-based adverts (dealware) from Coupon Drop Down and Coupon Companion.

Remove Flashblock malware

How To Remove Flashblock Malware – Flashblock Add-on/Extension Removal Instructions

Flashblock is an unethical browser attachment for popular internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that is allegedly used to block Flash-based items on the internet, including advertisements and videos, as well as Shockwave, Silverlight, and Authorware. Though Flashblock may block some forms of Flash on the internet, Flashblock has been reported to associate with adware. In particular, in-text Text Enhance advertisements, that are mostly generated via Flash.