Remove Coupon Companion

How To Remove Coupon Companion Adware And Third Party Malware – Uninstall Coupon Companion Browser Hijacker

Coupon Companion is malware, categorized as adware, that utilizes browser hijackers (Coupon Companion staging and third party attchments) to infect browsers and computers without permission in order to display pop-up and in-text advertisements. Coupon Companion commonly displays pop-up advertisements on retail and travel based websites while an infected user is browsing deals and stores such as Bestbuy, Zappos, Staples, Kayak, and PetSmart.

Google Desktop Search Malware

How To Remove Google Desktop Search Malware (GDS – Uninstall Google Desktop Application

Some Google Desktop Search users have reported issues concerning server connection errors and negative browser functionality when the GDS application is installed onto their computer systems. These users are often prompted by messages that state Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., “can’t establish a connection to the server at″ or “the webpage, cannot be found.”

There are many reasons for these particular errors with separate solutions to stop these errors from occurring, but mostly these issues can be linked to either 1. Compromised or corrupted software/source (Malware) or 2. Simple bug in the application and system.

Fix Java Exploit

How To Disable Java (Java Exploit Fix For JRE 1.6 – JRE 1.7)

A Java exploit can introduce a computer system to malware, viruses, and Trojans giving attackers complete access to the infected computer system. If the Java exploit is not fixed, your computer may lose functionality and you are at a very high risk of becoming a victim to cyber crime involving credit theft, exploitation schemes, identity theft, and more.

Search Certified Toolbar Virus

How To Remove The Certified Toolbar Search Hijacker And Redirection Virus (

The Certified Toolbar virus is dangerous malware, categorized as a browser hijacker. The Certified Toolbar search virus “hijacks” home pages settings causing internet browsers to direct to upon start up and Certified Toolbar affects “provided search engines”, in turn causing internet searches and URLs inputted into the address bar to redirect to Certified Toolbar websites like

Allgameshome virus

How To Remove The AllGamesHome Redirect Virus – AllGamesHome Browser Hijacker Malware (

The Allgameshome virus is a browser exploit, referred to as malware categorized as a browser hijacker that uses to entrap their game customers and internet users into using their’s and their sponsor’s services and terms, which may include the introduction of adware, spyware, and unwanted browser helper objects to the computer system and browsers, such as CouponDropDown or the Text Enhance adware platform, as well as third party browser helper objects commonly used to accommodate a revenue stream during the browser take-over.

Anvisoft malware

How to remove the Anvisoft Virus (Rogue/Scareware Removal Guide)

The Anvisoft virus, is a term use to describe potentially dangerous Anvisoft malware, categorized as scareware or rogue software. Anvisoft offers potential rogue software including Anvisoft Smart Defender PRO, Cloud System Booster PRO, and Anvi AD Blocked PRO, that may potentially harm or potentially offer little or no benefit to users. Potential Anvisoft malware promotes itself as legitimate software suites used to scan and eradicate malware and computer viruses, speed up computer performance, and block advertisements for a price. According to many sources, Anvisoft is not safe for reasons citing a history of cyber criminal activity, customer complains, dishonesty, and copyright infringement. It is recommended to avoid Anvisoft software including AnvisoftSmart Defender PRO, Anvisoft Cloud System Booster PRO, and Anvi AD Blocker PRO.