How to block referral traffic in Google Analytics

Many users have recently complained of unwanted referral traffic. Some suspect that is involved in a tactic known as referrer spam  indexing. However, I cannot confirm the claims that this website is used for spam purposes, although it’s behavior is very suspicious and the people behind the website do operate several low-key SEO companies. A pattern I have noticed with low-key SEO companies is that they engage in the blackhat SEO tactic of referrer spamming. referral

Unwanted referral traffic and referrer spam in general is a very big problem for many webmasters, website owners, and anyone who values their website’s appropriate analytical data. Referrer spam can ruin website data measured by Google Analytics and other analytical services. The website data it can affect includes everything measured in the Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior areas as calculated by Google Analytics. For example, referrer spam can destroy your bounce rate because the spam URL typically only lands on a single webpage on your website and leaves your website from the same webpage. Referrer spam can also hit your website from sources around the world, from various resources, and more.

What is is a website that you can use to open multiple URLs at once. The website may or may not partake in referrer spam indexing tactics in order to boost their online presence by creating backlinks off your access logs. The website is owned by the same person who operates several low-key SEO websites.

If you have received unwanted referral traffic in Google Analytics you cause use the guide below to block the website entirely.

Block referral traffic with an exclude filter

To block referral traffic in Google Analytics follow the instructions below. Blocking referrers in Google Analytics by creating an exclude filter will only mask the spam URL. To block the referrer spam URL at the sources see the instructions below to block referrer spam using your website’s .htaccess file.

1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin tab and click All Filters.

how to block referrer spam

2. Click the ADD FILTER button to create a new exclude filter.

block referrer spam

3. Add as the Filter Name.

4. Select the Custom Filter Type.

block referrer spam google analytics

5. In Filter Field, find and select Campaign Source in the list. In the Filter Pattern text box, add and click the Save button on the bottom of the webpage.

Block referral traffic with your .htaccess file

To traffic at the source using your .htacess file add the code below to your .htaccess file.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER}
RewriteRule .* - [F]