A privacy reminder from Google

You may have noticed a privacy reminder from Google when visiting Google recently and wondered what it is. The reminder is there to outline a change Google has made concerning the data they process and why they made the change. The privacy reminder from Google briefly states that they process information about the videos you watch, the devices you use, your IP address, cookie data, and location when you search for content on Google Maps or watch a video on YouTube. This also includes when you use apps or sites that use Google services like advertisements, Analytics, and YouTube video player.

privacy reminder from google

The privacy reminder from Google states that they collect your data to help their services deliver more useful and customized content. They claim shit is to help them deliver more relevant search results to you, improve the quality of their services they provide, deliver ads based on your interests (including things like searches you’ve done or videos you’ve watched on YouTube), improve security by protecting against fraud and abuse, and conduct analytics and measurement to understand how our services are used.

The company claims that when you use Google services like Maps, Search, or YouTube, you generate information: places you go, stuff you like, and people you know. This information can help make Google products work better for you in many ways.

You can choose to read and agree to the privacy reminder from Google or you can select to read it later to get rid of the box in Google search results pages. You can also select other options to control your privacy settings such as search customization to control whether or not search results are affected by search activity in your browser. You can customize advertisement settings, customize YouTube settings, and more. You can manage your Google privacy settings anytime here: myaccount.google.com.

Read the privacy reminder from Google below:

To be consistent with data protection laws, we’re asking you to take a moment to review key points of Google’s Privacy Policy. This isn’t about a change we’ve made — it’s just a chance to review some key points.

Data we process when you use Google

  • When you search for a restaurant on Google Maps or watch a video on YouTube, for example, we process information about that activity – including information like the video you watched, device IDs, IP addresses, cookie data, and location.
  • We also process the kinds of information described above when you use apps or sites that use Google services like ads, Analytics, and the YouTube video player.

Why we process it

We process this data for the purposes described in our policy, including to:

  • Help our services deliver more useful, customized content such as more relevant search results;
  • Improve the quality of our services and develop new ones;
  • Deliver ads based on your interests, including things like searches you’ve done or videos you’ve watched on YouTube;
  • Improve security by protecting against fraud and abuse; and
  • Conduct analytics and measurement to understand how our services are used.

Combining data

We also combine data among our services and across your devices for these purposes. For example, we use data from trillions of search queries to build spell-correction models that we use across all of our services, and we combine data to alert you and other users to potential security risks.
a privacy reminder from google

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