Monthly Archive: October 2017

Matrix virus

How to remove Matrix virus (Ransomware)

The Matrix virus is ransomware that encrypts files using RSA military grade encryption algorithms, adds a new file extension (such as to the end of encrypted filenames,...

How to remove WDF.exe (Virus Removal Guide)

How to remove WDF.exe (Virus Removal Guide)

What is WDF.exe? WDF.exe is a CPU miner installed by the Cloud Packager Trojan. The Cloud Packager Trojan creates two separate miners called NvProfileUpdater64.exe and wdf.exe to mine...

ChromeWebStore extension

How to remove the ChromeWebStore extension

What is ChromeWebStore? ChromeWebStore is a malicious browser extension that is installed by an executable file rather than through the Chrome Web Store. Once ChromeWebStore is installed it will...