Monthly Archive: October 2016


How to remove HOWDECRYPT (Virus Removal Guide)

HOWDECRYPT The HOWDECRYPT virus (also known as the how_decrypt virus) is dangerous  malware categorized as ransomware or a cryptovirus, that similar to CryptorBit and CryptoDefense, and targets all versions of... removal

How to remove (Removal Guide) is a website that hijacks your existing intenret browser search settings without consent. The website is powered by cooperating potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and...

coursedev removal

How to remove CourseDev (Removal Guide)

↓ Skip this and go to the removal guide This CourseDev removal guide contains steps to remove CourseDev virus, malware, and other malicious programs and extensions from...

thor virus

How to remove Thor (Virus Removal Guide)

Thor virus is ransomware that encrypts files, adds the .thor file extension to the files, and demands a ransom to decrypt files. Targets computer files that match certain...