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how to remove adware

How to remove Adware (Removal Guide)

This adware removal guide shows how to remove adware from your computer, uninstall adware, and remove ad-serving add-ons and extensions to get rid of pop-up and in-text advertisements.

GreatArcadeHits virus

How to remove GreatArcadeHits (Virus Removal Guide)

The GreatArcadeHits virus (also found as the Great Arcade Hits virus; though not technically a computer virus) is a potentially unwanted program or combination of potential malware, categorized as adware and browser hijacker, that primarily installs to computer systems without consent alongside software downloaded from download.com and other monetized freeware and shareware distribution websites. GreatArcadeHits and associated malware changes internet browser settings, including the home page and default search engine, causing unwanted browser redirections and start ups, as well as assists in displaying unwanted advertisements and collecting information. GreatArcadeHits and third-parties may target and entrap unsuspecting victims to terms they would never agree with if presented in a proper manner, which may allow GreatArcadeHits adware and third-parties to display pop-up advertisements, change browser settings (redirections, startup, shortcuts), and send users excessive email spam, junk mail, and more.

Results Hub

How to remove Results Hub (Virus Removal Guide)

Results Hub (also known as The Results Hub, Results Hub virus) is a very intrusive potentially unwanted program that changes internet browser settings and injects the webpages you view online with targeted advertisements. The Results Hub program and browser attachment is essentially defined as adware and a browser hijacker because of the activities it performs. Once Results Hub software and browser attachments have been installed internet users will fall victim to unwanted browser redirects and pop-up advertisements.


Remove BoBrowser (Virus Removal Guide)

BoBrowser is an alternative internet browser with a bad online reputation. Most malware and security analysts have determined that BoBrowser is a potentially unwanted program in the adware category of computer threats. Internet users have additionally complained, stating that BoBrowser won’t uninstall and causes many frustrating problems, including browser redirects and unwanted advertisements.


How to remove ArcadeTwist (Virus Removal Guide)

ArcadeTwist.com is promoted as a gaming website that can lead you to a world of more than 3000 flash games. However, the ArcadeTwist program is detected as adware and a potentially unwanted program by reputable security programs. Once ArcadeTwist adware has been installed internet users will notice a variety of ArcadeTwist ads including generic pop-ups, banners, and in-text advertisements. Most advertisements generated by this program can be linked to the adware because the ads contain text that usually says something similar to “Powered by ArcadeTwist” or “ArcadeTwist Ads” on them.


How to remove FlashBeat (Virus Removal Guide)

The FlashBeat virus (Flash Beat) s a term used to identify a potentially unwanted program (PUP) in the adware family of computer threats that serves pop-up advertisements across Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. FlashBeat is known to create new tasks and is scheduled to run every time Windows starts.

smartsaver virus

How to remove SmartSaver (Virus Removal Guide)

The SmartSaver virus (also found as the Smart Saver virus) is a term used to identify a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) or potential malware that is categorized as adware, a browser hijacker, and spyware, and is primarily used to display pop-up advertisements on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer without user consent. SmartSaver is essentially a cross-browser browser add-on, browser helper object (BHO), and extension that installs to a Windows PC and attaches to affected internet browsers.