Daily Archive: September 22, 2015

Picexa virus

How to remove Picexa (Virus Removal Guide)

Picexa is adware and an advertising platform that utilizes a variety of potentially unwanted programs and standalone objects to access user browsing data and target internet users with pop-up advertisements. Picexa and programs that it may bundle with are known to download and install onto a computer system without user knowledge by using deceptive tactics. Once Picexa adware is installed, the program and objects that it bundles with will make changes to existing browser and system settings and inject visited webpages with ads.


How to remove WgirleterHelper (Virus Removal Guide)

WgirleterHelper (also found as Wgirleter Helper) is a potentially unwanted program and adware that bundles with other unwanted programs and possibly malicious threats. WgirleterHelper is used to update existing adware applications, track browsing activities, and serve pop-up advertisements based off of user browsing activity, bookmarks, and history.


How to remove DriveTheLife (Removal Guide)

DriveTheLife (also known as Drive The Life) is program we were ‘randomly’ asked to review. Our DriveTheLife review found that the program is not a necessity and that it may cause issues for computer users. The first issue we noticed is that the program corrupted our graphics card. A pop-up alert notified us that there is “no AMD graphics card installed, or the AMD drive is not functioning properly.” Afterwards, we had to install a new AMD driver. When we attempted to open Adobe Photoshop we are also met by a message that says “Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver.”

iLividNewTab virus removal

How to remove iLividNewTab (Virus Removal Guide)

The iLividNewTab virus (iLivid New Tab) is a term used to identify a browser add-on and extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The iLividNewTab extension modifies existing internet browser settings and causes affected internet browsers to redirect to third-party webpages.

iLivid virus

How to remove iLivid (Virus Removal Guide)

The iLivid virus is a term for a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and browser hijacker that is known to cause many complications for computer and internet users. Ilivid products such as iLividNewTab and iLivid Download Manager are deceptive and intrusive. They utlize questionable marketing tactics to infiltrate a computer system and affected internet browser. Once contracted, iLivid will change existing internet internet browser settings, causing affected browsers to to start up on and redirect to ilivid.com, search.ilivid.com, start.ilivid.com, home.ilivid.com, and other webpages. According to security experts, Ilivid software bundles with additional browser attachments, including add-ons, extensions, plug-ins, and toolbars without consent of the computer user.