How to remove SushiLeads (Removal Guide)

SushiLeads (SushiLeads virus, Sushi Leads) is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) also found in the adware category of computer threats. It is similar to other adware applications and ad-serving programs including Donut Leads and PastaQuotes. Once SushiLeads adware has been contracted onto your PC it will access your personal user browsing data and utilize the data to serve advertisements it feels you are most likely to click on based off of your currently viewed webpage, browser history, contents of your bookmarks, web searches, and more.

Pluto TV

How to remove Pluto TV (Virus Removal Guide)

Pluto TV (PlutoTV, Pluto TV version 0.0.9) is a potential unwanted program (PUP) that usually installs onto a computer alongside other unwanted programs without user knowledge. Pluto TV and programs that it bundles with are known to gather personal browsing data, such as browsing activities, bookmarks, and history, and use the personal data to generate advertisements on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer it feels users are most likely to click on. Malware Removal

How to remove TornTV (Virus Removal Guide)

TornTV (also searched for as TornTV virus, Torn TV, TheTorntvs V11-1, TheTorntv V10) is not a program you want on your computer. It is known as a deceptive and intrusive adware type program and browser plugin that can infiltrate your computer system and internet browsers that it affects without user knowledge. It can cause a lot of problems for computer and internet users like. Once TornTV adware has entered your computer and attached to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari it will inject the webpages you visit with pop-up advertisements that might say “Ads by TornTV” or “brought by TornTV” on them.

MiuiTab virus

How to remove MiuiTab (Virus Removal Guide)

MiuiTab (also found as MiuiTab virus) is an intrusive potentially unwanted program that is known to infiltrate a computer system and the internet browsers it offects without your consent or knowledge. Once MiuiTab adware has entered a machine it will access and gather user browsing data, transform existing internet browser settings (such as the homepage, default search engine, and browser shortcut), and it will ultimately inject the webpages you visit with user ‘targeted’ style pop-up advertisements.


How to remove CleverSearch (Virus Removal Guide)

CleverSearch CleverSearch (also searched for as CleverSearch virus, Clever Search) is a adware we discovered that will likely cause many problems for computer and internet users in the future. CleverSearch adware is known to download …