Daily Archive: March 29, 2015

How to clear Facebook search history

Do you search for exes on Facebook, or anything that might embarrass you if your Facebook account was accessed? Did you know Facebook stores your search history?

It’s true, a not-so new, but recently discovered by the masses Facebook feature allows anyone logged into a particular Facebook account to browse the entire search history… The entire search history, meaning your exboyfriends or exgirlfriends name.

Remove Yontoo Virus

How to remove Yontoo (Virus Removal Guide)

Yontoo is the title of a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and publisher that promotes standalone objects including Yontoo web apps, Yontoo Layers Client, PageRage, My Super Cheap, DropDownDeals and others. The programs published by Yontoo are known to cause many issues for computer and internet users. Most security analysts and reputable Antivirus vendors have included Yontoo in the adware category because it is known to infiltrate a computer system without user knowledge, bundle with other unwanted programs, access user browsing data, and generate cross-browser pop-up ads.