Daily Archive: March 15, 2014

windows defence master virus

How to remove Windows Defence Master (Virus Removal Guide)

Windows Defence Master (also known as Windows Defense Master) is a dangerous rogue Microsoft Windows security program. Windows Defence Master is defined as malware and can be found in the scareware and spyware categories of computer infections. The Windows Defence virus is considered severely dangerous and can cause many drastic issues for computer users relating to the invasion of privacy and loss of computer functionality.

remove Windows 8 Right edge swipe

How to disable Windows 8 Right edge swipe (Touchpad)

If you own a laptop running the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System you may have noticed the “Charms” and clock (with date and power/internet icons) that appear when you hover your mouse or pointer on the right side and right corners of the screen. The Windows 8 Charms pop-up anytime you move your cursor to the right side of the screen, even if you have an open window or are simply on Windows 8 Desktop.

change Facebook News Feed Most Recent Top Stories

How to change Facebook News Feed to Most Recent or Top Stories

In 2014 Facebook tastefully redesigned their website. Along with changes in the visual design, the option to change Most Recent and Top Stories on the Facebook News Feed was slightly altered. You may think that the option to view your friends, liked pages, and followed pages most recent posts and stories has been removed, but it’s still there. Facebook did not go back to the old Home page setup where all posts and stories were mashed into one group.