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WindowShopper virus

How To Remove WindowShopper Virus – SuperFish WindowShopper Uninstall Instructions (WindowShopper Malware)

WindowShopper, often referred to as the WindowShopper virus, Window Shopper virus, or SuperFish virus (though not an actual computer virus) is malware categorized as combo adware and browser hijacker that may change internet browser settings by targeting and entrapping unsuspecting victims to unethical terms, including third-party terms the internet user may not be aware of. WindowShopper by SuperFish promotes itself as a “Window Shopper addon” for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome that displays comparable prices, advertisements, or retail items by utilizing images that the WindowShopper user (victim) is currently viewing online. WindowShopper pop up advertisements appear when a user hovers over an image as pictured below Internet users who download the WindowShopper addon may also experience unwanted browser redirections to websites such as and others owned by SuperFish and associates.

ICE virus remove

How To Remove The ICE Virus -The ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus Removal (Ransomware)

The ICE virus virus, also referred to as The ICE Cyber Crimes Center virus, ICE Moneypak virus, or ICE scam, is dangerous malware (ICE malware) common in the United States, categorized as ransomware. The ICE virus, alike the FBI virus and other ransomware blocks access to the computer system and displays a full screen page or window that claims to be from a legitimate source that claims “YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED! The works on your computer has been suspended on the grounds of the violation of the Law of the United States”. In this case the ICE ransomware infection, or crypto-virus pretends to be The Cyber Crimes Center of the United States known as I.C.E. in order to scare individuals into paying an unnecessary fine of $400 using Green Dot Moneypak cards. Please note, The actual ICE Cyber Crimes Center is in no way associated with the ICE computer virus and paying the fine will NOT remove dangerous malware that may remain dormant on your computer system; including trojan horses and spyware that may take complete control of a computer and collect sensitive information used in crimes such as credit theft, extortion, and identity theft (*Information collected may be used in phishing-scam telephone calls).

Remove AdXtendmedia adare

How To Remove Xtendmedia Virus – Malware (Adware/Hijacker)

The Xtendmedia virus, or Ad.Xtendmedia virus, also referred to as the rediret, is mawlare, categorized as combo adware and browser hijacker that infects computer systems without consent and displays unwanted banner advertisements, pop-up advertisements, and in-text advertisements. Furthermore Xtendmedia adware may display advertisements over legitimate advertisements or appear on a webpage as if it is part of the webpage. We have previously coined this type of behavior as some sort of camoware (camouflaging adware), where the adware attempts to blend with the website or appear like a legitimate banner, skyscraper, square, and rectangle ads. The Xtendmedia virus may also display text advertisements underneath legitimate advertisements, including Google AdSense advertisements on legitimate websites. Xtendmedia advertisements may even appear on underneath the search field as if it is supposed to be on the website. Xtendmedia advertisements have been reported to lead to malicious websites or contain malicious payloads.

Globososo virus removal

How To Remove The Globososo Virus – Redirect Removal Instructions (Hijack)

The Globososo virus, or Globososo redirection virus is malware or a potentially unwanted program (PUP) developed by Kingtale Technology Inc.. Globososo is categorized as a browser hijacker that changes Internet browser settings without direct permission of the computer user, often entrapping victims to terms they would never agree with. The Globososo virus changes the default search engines, homepages, and browser shortcuts of popular Internet browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer, in turn causing infected Internet browsers to target on startup and redirect to and other websites. Browser redirections to and the Globososo search results page primarily occur when attempting to search the web using the infected browser’s address bar.

Arcade Safari virus

How To Remove Arcade Safari Virus – Arcade Safari Malware Removal Instructions

Arcade Safari, commonly referred to as the Arcade Safari virus or Arcade Safari spyware, is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that installs to a computer without consent or malware, categorized as a browser hijacker and adware, that changes internet browser settings without permission, including the home page, default search engine, and browser shortcut, as well as displays unwanted in-text advertisements such as Text Enhance and unwanted pop-up advertisements. By doing so, the Arcade Safari virus causes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer to redirect to and start up on unwanted websites.

Headlinealley virus remove

How To Remove Headlinealley Toolbar Malware – Headlinealley Virus Removal Instructions

Headlinealley Toolbar (Headline Alley Toolbar), also referred to as the Headlinealley virus, Headlinealley Toolbar virus, or Headlinealley malware, is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), or potential malware, categorized as an internet browser hijacker that “hijacks” Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer browser settings without permission, including the home page, default search engine, and browser shortcut. In turn, Headlinealley Toolbar causes internet browsers to redirect to releated websites, including,, and other domain names. Headlinealley Toolbar also causes internet browsers to target and ultimately start up on unwanted websites and the Headlinealley virus allows potential third-party malware to install to the computer system without direct authorization.

How To Remove Freecorder Malware (Freecorder Virus Removal Instructions)

Freecorder, also referred to as the Freecorder virus or Freecorder malware is malware, categorized as an Internet browser hijacker and adware that essentially installs to computer systems without consent, but can be manually and voluntarily installed from, as Freecorder advertises itself as a free tool, or freeware used to record video and audio from a variety of websites. The downside to Freecorder, is that in monetization efforts, the free product bundles additional malware with install, also without consent. Furthermore, those who install Freecorder malware voluntarily are often entrapped to very unethical terms that they would never agree with if presented to properly. Even though the Freecorder software installer allows users to opt out of installing additional software that will alter Internet settings, including homepages, default search engines, and Internet browser shortcuts, the installment process is designed to trick victims into installing third-party products.

MyPlayCity virus

How To Remove The MyPlayCity Virus – Redirect Malware Removal

The MyPlayCity virus, otherwise known as the Search MyPlayCity virus or redirect virus is potentially alware, categorized as a browser hijacker that changes Internet browser settings without consent of the user, including the homepage and default search engine, causing Internet browsers to redirect to and start up on, as well as other websites. MyPlayCity malware may also infect a computer without consent often bundling alongside or inside third party browser add-on , extensions and toolbars. Furthermore, MyPlayCity products can be manually and voluntarily installed from a variety of websites such as and as MyPlayCity claims to be the leading game portal with a variety of free games for download where you undoubtedly find your full version games (their words). MyPlayCity may also be referred to as freeware or offerware that targets and enraps Internet users to terms they would neverwise agree with.

Remove CashU virus

How To Remove The CashU Virus – CashU Remove Screenlock (Ransomware)

The CashU virus is a term for malware, categorized as ransomware that attempts to pose as a company or organization of authority such as the police force (Civil Police Force), the FBI, or even websites such as Spamhaus. The CashU virus takes complete control the computer system, locks the computer, and ultimately blocks or restricts the computer user from accessing the desktop by displaying a full page screen or window that claims to be from an authority (as previously described) stating that the computer was used illegally and may have been involved in the distribution of illegal media files, malware and or illegal pornography such as child porn, or zoophilia. Furthermore, the CashU virus screen demands of fine by use of CashU online payment services ( Please note, CashU is not assocaited with this ransomware and you are not in any trouble with the police, federal federal agencies, and organizations. This is dangerous ransomware and paying the fine or penalty described on the locked screen using CashU services may lead to further complications. To remove the CashU virus, follow the instructions provided in this article.

Text Enhance

How To Remove Browwse2Saavei Virus – Browwse2Saavei Malware Removal Instructions

Browwse2Saavei (Browwse2Saavei virus) is malware categorized as combo adware and browser hijacker that primarily infects computer systems without detection by uninstalling unwanted software and attaching to Internet browsers as a Browwse2Saavei add-on or extension in order to display unwanted advertisements and coupons, including in text advertisements, pop up advertisements, and pop under advertisements. Browwse2Saavei primarily displays unwanted in text advertisements associated with the Text Enhance adware platform. The Browwse2Saavei add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Browwse2Saavei extension for Google Chrome is essentially Browse22Save and Browse2Save malware using a different name, possibly to trick victims and remain undetected.

Windows file

What Is NTVDM.EXE ? NTVDM.EXE File Information – Remove NTVDM.EXE Malware

Ntvdm.exe is a legitimate Windows operating system file and process used to handle a single MS DOS environment but may also be the name of a malicious file and Windows process relating to malware and computer viruses. Though ntvdm.exe is a name of a file and process utilized by cyber criminals, most of the time errors and issues concerning the ntvdm.exe file are related to bugs in system updates and it has been reported that uninstalling both KB2707511 and KB2709162 system updates has fixed problems concerning the NTVDM.exe file.

Priceblink remove

How To Remove Price Blink Virus – PriceBlink Malware Removal (PUP – Adware)

The Price Blink virus (Priceblink virus) is malware, categorized as adware and browser hijacker that displays unwanted advertisements and coupons, including pop-up advertisements and a pop-up yellow coupon bar from The Price Blink virus uses browser attachments such as add-ons, extensions, and toolbars, including third-party toolbars, to infect computers with Price Blink malware without authorized agent in to generate and unethical revenue stream via third-party sponsors and associations. Furthermore Price Blink and related malware may change browser settings without consent including the homepage settings, the false search incident settings, and targeted shortcut settings.