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Warning, malicious email phishing attempts with the email subject line similar to Buy- LUXURY WATCHES,JEWELRY and ACCESSORIES,BAGS and WALLETS – CHRISTMAS SALE!!. This email message is a phishing attempt sent by cyber criminals, that tries to appear as a legitimate email message containing information about jewelry sales and may even post an image of watches for sale in the email body (as pictured below). DO NOT CLICK LINKS in the fraudulent email message. The links contained in the “luxury watch spam email message” are likely malicious and may infect an unsuspecting user with malware, including spyware.

Chrome Reported Phishing Website Ahead!

Phishing Website: is a phishing website involved in severe cyber crime, including credit theft and extortion. was designed to trick visitors to disclose information including usernames and passwords for email and bank accounts such as, and

Free 100 Starbucks Gift Card Facebook Scam

Facebook Scam: Celebrate 40 Years Of Starbucks Get A Free $100 Starbucks Gift Card Scam

The Celebrate 40 Years Of Starbucks Get A Free $100 Starbucks Gift Card Scam is primarily promoted through hijacked Facebook accounts, in which the victim’s account spams the fake Starbucks message in a post. It is also very common for the hijacked account to tag multiple friends in the spammed Starbucks gift card post as pictured below.

The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware database is missing or corrupt

The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware database is missing or corrupt. Would you like to download a new copy?

You may have been interrupted by a popup notification that says The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware database is missing or corrupt. Would you like to download a new copy? while Malwarebytes is running or while attempting to run the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. So what does this Malwarebytes Anti-Malware popup notification mean?

Facebook Scam: “I saw this product on the Dr. Oz show” Comment Spam

You may have noticed a lot of spam comments on Facebook concerning a product someone saw on the Dr. Oz show. The comments suggesting this fake Dr. Oz product may also contain links that may impersonate a Facebook page or suggest that the Dr. Oz comment is linked to a legitimate Facebook page even though the link is not. Clicking the link in the fake Dr. Oz comments is very dangerous and may cause a Facebook account to become hijacked, in which the account is then used to spread additional spam comments, or install malware to a computer system.

“I saw this product on the Dr. Oz show a few days ago and was amazed at the results. Today is my 8th day being on the program and I am 11lbs down!!:) I just want others to know when something works. Good luck to you all! “

Visa250 Scam Scam “Free $250 Visa Prepaid Giftcard”

The scam is a common telephone scam where the victim receives a text message stating that they have won a “free $250 Visa prepaid giftcard”. Clicking links provided in the text message may install malware to the cellular phone or computer system including adware and spyware.

This is also similar to many scam surveys where the primary purpose of the phishing attempt is to direct the phone or internet user to suspicious surveys. These surveys often state that they must be filled out before receiving the free $250 prepaid Visa gift card.

Please note, you did not actually win and will not receive a free $250 Visa gift card.

724 603-5821 Connellsville, PA

Telephone Number: (724) 603-5821 is used in Craigslist And PayPal scams

Warning! (724) 603-5821 is a telephone number from Pennsylvania that is used in severe forms of criminal phishing scams. The criminal attempts to purchase a computer by responding to the Craigslist post via text message, stating the computer is being purchased for another individual, most likely a family member such as a daughter or son, and say that they will pay over PayPal and include an additional sum of money for shipping the computer to a country outside of the United States such as Africa. The sender asks for the sellers PayPal email address in order to pay for the item and also asks the Craigslist seller sends images to a random email address. It has been concluded that malicious individual(s) using telephone number frequently use the alias Alex Kane, connected to a fraudulent email such as and

Facebook Red Scam

Facebook Scam: Facebook Red Scam (Change Your Facebook Template R3D Scam)

One of the most popular Facebook scams in early 2013 is the change your Facebook red scam, also referred to as the Facebook Red Scam, Facebook R3D scam. The Facebook Red scam works different ways, be that clicking a link associated with Facebook Red and Facebook Red posts may install malware to the computer system and internet browser including adware, browser hijackers, and spyware. The Facebook Red scam may even direct the Facebook user to an unwanted survey, direct the Facebook user to a website hosting additional malware or drive-by download website, and/or simply not perform as advertised, meaning the Facebook Red will not actually turn your Facebook template color from blue to red.

UK Police Virus

How To Remove The UK Police Virus – Fake United Kingdom Police Ransomware Removal Instructions

The UK Police virus, also referred to as the United Kingdom Police virus, or Police Central e-crime Unit virus, is malware categorized as ransomware that illegitimately disguises as the United Kingdom Police (UK Police) and blocks access to the infected computer system using a full screen page, which alleges the PC is blocked due to violating Copyright and related laws (infringing Article 128 of the Criminal Code of Great Britain , viewing or distributing prohibited pornography (including child Porn/Zoophillia article 202), and other laws, including simple computer negligence. Cyber criminals utilizing the UK Police virus and ransomware in general use this tactic of unethical social engineering to persuade unsuspecting victims to pay a minimum fine between 200€ and 500€ using Ukash or Paysafecard credit voucher services.

Search Fastaddressbar Virus

How To Remove The Fast Address Bar Virus – Stop Redirect – Uninstall Fast Address Bar Add-on

Fast Address Bar, also referred to as the Fastaddressbar virus, Fast Address Bar virus, and redirect virus, is malware categorized as a browser hijacker that voluntarily or entraps victims to change existing Internet browser settings such as the home page and default search engine, causing internet browsers to start up on and redirect to and other websites.

Your wireless bill is ready fake ATT email spam

Email Phishing Alert: Fake AT&T Customer Care “Your AT&T wireless bill is ready to view” email spam

Be on the look out for fraudulent emails sent by cyber criminals, attempting to disguise as AT&T in order to persuade unsuspecting victims to click links contained in the fake AT&T Customer Care email. The dangerous email contains links that initiate the installment of malware, including spyware and Trojans, or direct the victim of the phishing attack to unwanted websites that may contain additional malware, or promote the victim click-through links in order to generate an unethical revenue stream via third party platforms and programs.

Fake Payment Confirmation Email Spam

Malware Phishing Alert: Fake “Payment Confirmation” Email Spam

Cyber criminals behind the fake Payment Confirmation email utilize malicious black hat tactics including email phishing, in which the attackers send fraudulent email messages to their victims in attempt to persuade them to click malicious links or download malicious files in order to infect a computer system with malware, such as spyware and Trojans that are used to collect sensitive information, including credit card numbers and identification information, and minuscule data such as browser activity and browser history (in order to accommodate a potentially undetected adware campaign).