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Anvisoft malware

How to remove the Anvisoft Virus (Rogue/Scareware Removal Guide)

The Anvisoft virus, is a term use to describe potentially dangerous Anvisoft malware, categorized as scareware or rogue software. Anvisoft offers potential rogue software including Anvisoft Smart Defender PRO, Cloud System Booster PRO, and Anvi AD Blocked PRO, that may potentially harm or potentially offer little or no benefit to users. Potential Anvisoft malware promotes itself as legitimate software suites used to scan and eradicate malware and computer viruses, speed up computer performance, and block advertisements for a price. According to many sources, Anvisoft is not safe for reasons citing a history of cyber criminal activity, customer complains, dishonesty, and copyright infringement. It is recommended to avoid Anvisoft software including AnvisoftSmart Defender PRO, Anvisoft Cloud System Booster PRO, and Anvi AD Blocker PRO.

Ukash Virus

How To Remove The Ukash Virus – Ukash Ransomware Virus Removal Instructions

Ukash ransomware locks computer sytemems and states a fine or penalty must be paid via Ukash code to unlock the computer system again. There are many different versions of Ukash viruses (Ukash ransomware) that utilize a variety of different ”lock screens” that pop-up once the Ukash infection is initiated and the computer becomes locked, but each Ukash virus essentially requires the same removal process.

Windows 8 Search Files

How To Search On Windows 8 Operating Systems (Win 8)

The search function/option on Windows 8 can be accessed very quickly which comes in handy, but for first time Windows 8 users the option to search can be difficult to locate. Previous Windows operating systems had a convenient search field at the bottom of the desktop Start menu, but Windows 8 does not have a start menu (with exceptions to customization), so how do you find search on Windows 8?

Remove PC Defender Plus Virus

How To Remove PC Defender Plus Virus – Fake/Rogue Software PC Defender Plus Malware Removal Instructions

Remove the PC Defender Plus virus, fake PC Defender Antivirus software. Fake scans, fake alerts, caused by PC Defender Plus and PC Defender Plus firewall issued to scare the victim into purchasing the fake PC Defender Plus software. Easy steps to remove PC Defender Plus and PC Defender Plus firewall.

Block and remove advertisements online

How To Block And Remove Advertisements On The Internet

Are you tired of seeing advertisements on a majority of websites like and while browsing the internet? If so, it’s very easy and free to block or remove advertisements from websites while browsing the internet using free, reputable browser helper objects (BHO), such as plugins, add-ons, extensions, and toolbars.

GVU Virus Removal

How To Remove The GVU Virus – Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen virus

Easily remove the GVU virus that locks computer systems disguied as the Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen. The GVU virus (Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen virus) is ransomware that blocks computer systems from functioning while utilizing a fake alert screen disguised as the Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen (GVU Germany) claiming that there is illegally downloaded (pirated) music on your computer which is a criminal offense under Section 106 of the Copyright act.

How To Remove Redirection Viruses

How To Stop Unwanted Redirections

Your internet browser may redirect to unwanted legitimate (Google) and malicious (IASK123) websites for several reasons during internet searches and prior to typing URLs into the browser’s address bar.

How To Remove The FreeHDSport.TV Virus – Uninstall Free HD Sport Browser Hijacker Malware Removal Instructions

Remove FreeHDSport virus. FreeHDSport is entrapping malware, used to watch worldwide sports, movies, and news channels. The downside to using the FreeHDSport freeware is that it uses browser hijackers(FreeHDSport add-on & extension) i to alter the infected browsers to generate revenue via adware and spyware platforms such as Coupondropdown.

Malware Blocks FioSearch Malware

How To Remove The FioSearch Virus – Redirection Malware Removal Instructions (Hijacker)

FioSearch (Fio Search,, is a very malicious website that attempts to install malware to visitors via drive-by-downloads and other privacy invading techniques. Simply visiting may cause your computer to become infected with malware including ransomware such as the FBI virus, spyware, and Trojans.

FBI Botnet

FBI Catches Criminals Blamed For The The Butterfly Botnet (Malware)

The FBI caught 10 people from Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, New Zealand, Peru, the United Kingdom, and the United States, all whom which they had numerous search warrants and conducted a worldwide investigation against considering the dangerous Butterfly Botnet malware that infected more than 11 million computers and caused more than $850 million in loses by stealing computer users’ credit, bank account, and other personal information.