Monthly Archive: November 2012

Remove SABAM virus

How To Remove The Sabam Virus – Fake Sabam Ransomware Removal Instructions (Sabam Malware)

Remove the fake SABAM virus, unlock your computer without paying the fine. The Sabam virus is malware categorized as ransomware that infects computer systems undetected disguised as the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers known as SABAM. The Sabam virus uses ransomlock Trojans to lock a computer from being used.

Incoming Fax Report Email Scam Phishing

Email Phishing Alert: Fake INCOMING FAX REPORT Email

A new email scam has been publicly distributed today by cyber criminals whom attempt to persuade victims into opening the email in order to click a malicious link that is capable of downloading malware to the computer system and directing the victim to a download-drive-by site or other malicious website. The email is sent from Incoming Fax with the subject link similar to “INCOMING FAX REPORT : Remote ID: 8169349218“.

Windows 8 Desktop Icon Settings - Recycle Bin

How To Show Or Hide The Windows 8 Recycle Bin Desktop Icon

This article explains how to properly disable or enable the Recycle Bin in order to delete files immediately or move files to the Recycle Bin before deleting them, and we will explain how to show or hide the Recycle Bin icon on the Windows 8 desktop (and all Windows operating systems).

Uninstall and Disable Alexa Toolbar

How To Disable Alexa Toolbar And Uninstall Alexa Toolbar Extension

Disable and uninstall the Alexa Toolbar extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This tutorial shows how to disable the Alexa Toolbar as well as Uninstall the Alexa Toolbar and Alexa Extension. The Alexa Toolbar is a legitimate Toolbar add-on (browser helper object) developed by that displays helpful information about websites visited including their Alexa score (popularity on the internet based on traffic), provides a pop-up blocker, web search, and other custom features.

Make Windows 8 Apps Shortcut On Desktop

How To Create A Shortcut For Windows 8 Applications On The Desktop

It’s very simple to show the Windows 8 metro-style applications folder on the desktop. This short tutorial with video with help you make a folder to access Windows 8 metro-style apps from your Windows 8 desktop. Please note, you can not drag applications onto the desktop.

John McAfee Wired

McAfee Antivirus Founder John McAfee Wanted For Murder In Belize

John McAfee, the eccentric 67 year old British born founder of the major Antivirus software company McAfee Inc., is wanted for murder in Belize, police reported today. John McAfee is the primary suspect (prime) in the murder of a 52 year old American expatriate and neighbor originally from Florida, Gregory Faull, who was shot in the head and killed Saturday November 10th in the pool at his home on the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize.

How To Remove The Redirection Virus and Uninstall Open Media Soft Hijacker Malware

Remove the Openmediasoft virus, stop redirecting to,, and associated websites. Repair hijacked browser home pages and provided search engines changed by the Openmediasoft virus. Openmediasoft virus is bundled with third party adware and spyware that get paid each time Openmediasoft add-ons hijack an internet browser.

Infinte Scroll Jetpack

How To Customize The Font Color Of Text In The WordPress Jetpack Plugin Infinite Scroll Footer (Theme Name, Credits)

How to change the color of text in Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll footer. By default the Infinite Scroll footer displays text such as the WordPress website’s credits, theme, and title in black. This can be changed in the WordPress Jetpack plugin editor’s css file for the Infinite Scroll option but is much easier and more so suggested to do so using simple custom CSS.

Infinte Scroll Jetpack

How To Add A Scroll To The Top Of The Page Link On The Jetpack Infinite Scroll Footer (WordPress Jetpack Plugin)

Give your WordPress website visitors the option to scroll back to the top of the page via Infinite Scroll footer link. As stated in a previous article about removing the credits from the Infinite Scroll footer, as of November 10th, we use the new Jetpack 2.0 Infinite Scroll feature and give our website visitors the option to scroll to the top of the page via a simple text link with an arrow (↑) . Here’s how to DIY.

Tracking999 Virus

How To Remove The Tracking999 Virus And Stop Redirecting To (Tracking999 Luxemil Search Engine)

The Tracking999 virus is malware, categorized as a browser hijacker, that is often referred to as the Tracking999 redirection virus. The Tracking999 virus hijacks internet browser settings, which in turn causes infected internet browsers to redirect to,, and other related and malicious websites upon searching the internet via the browser’s address bar.

Infinte Scroll Jetpack

How to remove Infinite Scroll credits on Jetpack

Remove “Proudly powered by WordPress” and your theme name credits in the Infinite Scroll Jetpack Plugin feature. Locate the jetpack/modules/infinite-scroll/infinity.php file and remove footer credits.
Infinite scroll takes away the “next page” or “older posts” links in category and tag page feeds allowing website visitors to infinitely scroll and load new posts via scrolling down the page.