Monthly Archive: October 2012

Phishing Report

Malware And Phishing Scam Alert: 975 929-5680

975 929-5680 is a number used by criminals in phishing attempts. A victim states he received a suspicious phone call from 975-929-5680 prior to becoming infected with FBI ransomware. The caller was making an attempt to access the victim’s computer remotely stating the computer is infected with malware, viruses, and/or Trojans and needed to be fixed. Phishing attempt report for telephone number 975-929-5680

Remove Win 8 Antivirus

How To Remove Win 8 2013 Antivirus And Other Fake Microsoft Windows Antivirus Software (Rogue Scareware)

Remove fake Win 8 2013 Antivirus software and other rogue Windows Antivirus programs. The fake Windows 8 2013 Antivirus rogue program is also known as Win 8 2013 Antivirus. Win 8 Antivirus is related to (or very similar to) a long list of generic rogue threats such as Windows 8 Defender 2013, Windows 8 Security Tool 2013, and others.

Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

Information About Http/1.1 Service Unavailable Errors On Major Networks

What does Http/1.1 Service Unavailable mean? Http/1.1 Service Unavailable is a server error. If you notice a Http/1.1 Service Unavailable error while attempting to visit a website such as you may be directed to a white screen that says Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.

iSearch.Glarysoft Hijacker

How To Remove The Glarysoft Redirection Virus And Uninstall The Browser Hijacker

Remove the Glarysoft virus and stop redirections to Easy steps to uninstall Glarysoft freeware products and more. Glarysoft is a software company that supplies freeware (free software) including Glary Utilities PRO, Software Update, Disk SpeedUp, Quick Search, Glary Undelete, Registry Repair, Absolute Uninstaller, Quick Startup, and Security Process Explorer. Remove the hijacker.

You recommend a WordPress plugin for that

How To Display Related WordPress Posts Without Plugins

There are many ways to display recent posts on WordPress without using unnecessary recent posts plugins that are notorious for slowing down WordPress websites. In this article we will discuss how to display related posts on a list per category and tag using simple PHP that can be implemented into theme files such as single.php, category.php, and others.


How To Remove Search.Suddenlink Redirection Virus And Uninstall Suddenlink Toolbar – Repair DNS Settings

Suddenlink (, is a company that offers products and services such as High-speed internet, phone, and television, as well as home security. Alike many internet service providers (see RoadRunner), Suddenlink uses a browser helper object to affect it’s users internet settings and collect strategic information. In other words, these are called marketing lists.

You recommend a WordPress plugin for that

The Easiest Way To Add Favicons To WordPress Websites

Every WordPress website should have a favicon and luckily adding a Favicon to any WordPress website is incredibly easy. There’s no need to install extra plugins that slow your site down, there’s no need to “look in your header” file for a link rel attribute because that will make the favicon theme dependent, leaving it vulnerable to upgrades.

Ideas Apple Bought Borrowed And Stole Infographic

Ideas Apple Bought, Borrowed, And Stole (Infographic)

Picasso had a saying. Good artist copy. Great artists steal. And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas. – Steve Jobs. These are the ideas Apple did not make themselves.

Scour Virus

How To Remove The Redirection Virus And Uninstall The Scour Toolbar Hijacker (Scour Community)

Steps to remove the redirection virus and uninstall the Scour Toolbar hijacker. Scour and/or the Scour Toolbar hijack Provided Search Engine Settings changing the infected browser’s internal search engine. This causes internet searches and URLs inputted into the browser’s address bar to redirect to and webpages. The virus and Scour Toolbar hijack also change Home Page settings to, causing browsers to direct to Scour websites upon start up. Redirection Virus

How To Remove The Redirection Virus (Freecause Virus) And Browser Hijacker (Affinity Toolbar)

Stop redirections to and other Freecause virus websites. Remove the virus, stop searches and URLs from redirecting to Remove Affinity Toolbar, Web Search Feed, Rewards Shopping Mall, and E-Commerce Browser Object with the instructions provided.