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Coolchaser Redirection Virus

How To Completely Remove The CoolChaser Toolbar Hijacker and Search Redirection Virus

The Coolchaser redirection virus is malware powered by, categorized as an internet browser hijacker with internal and third party adware and spyware associations and tactics. Coolchaser hijacks internet browser settings such as the home page causing an infected internet browser to direct to,,,, and other associated URLs. The Coolchaser redirection virus also affects managed-provided search engines, in turn causing internet searches and inputted URLs to redirect to Coolchaser, Infospace, and URL based websites (as well as third party sites).

Which Colleges Are The Most Social Infographic

Which Colleges Are The Most Social On Social Networks (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered which colleges are the most socially active when it comes to social networks? Check out this social network infographic showing how colleges in the United States rank up on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or Harvard and LSU.

E Reading Source Virus

How To Remove The EReadingSource Redirection Virus ( Hijacker)

The redirection virus is a mild computer infection categorized as an internet browser hijacker that changes home page settings and provided search engines in order to redirect internet searches and URLs to The domain name directs searches to many different URLs including and

Search Alot Virus

How To Remove The Search ALOT Redirection Virus Hijacker (, Alot Toolbar, Alot Appbar,

ALOT (,, is malware (adware and spyware) and a scam, categorized as an internet browser hijacker and commonly referred to as a redirection virus that infects Microsoft Internet Explorer (7,8,9) and Mozilla Firefox (4+) internet browsers on Window’s XP, Vista, and 7. ALOT products and are considered dangerous because of issues regarding invasion of privacy and cyber criminal activity, such as third party malware and viruses capable of fatally depleting computer and internet browser functionality.

Mystart Smilebox Virus

How To Remove The SmileBox EN Toolbar Hijacker And Redirection Virus (Mystart.Smilebox, Search.Smilebox)

Smilebox is a dangerous app for PC and Mac that is voluntarily installed or bundled with third party adware, spyware, and Trojans (Web Assistant by IB/Podnova Windows Library). Smilebox is referred to as malware, a browser hijacker (Smilebox Toolbar, Smilebox EN Toolbar), a scam, and redirection virus (, because it shares many similarities and utilizes the same platforms and techniques to extract information. Steps to remove or uninstall Smile Box are detailed in this article.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Elijah Wood Photoshopped As Women

Celebrity Men Photoshopped As Women

Have you ever wondered what Robert Pattinson, Hugh Laurie, Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elijah Wood, Hugh Hefner, Jack Black, Willem Dafoe, Sean Connery, Kevin Spacey, Matt Damon, Rowan Atkinson, Daniel Craig, Jim Carrey, and Tom Hanks would look like as women? Thanks to a photo effects contest at Worth1000 you can now see what celebrities look like photoshopped as women.

Technology And Rare Earth Elements Infographic

How Technology Destroys And Uses Earth’s Natural Resources (Infographic)

Rare earth elements are key to maintaining our current economy and lifestyle, and crucial to developing a sustainable future. Check out this infographic showing how and what Earth’s metals, etc are used for and how technology like the iPhone destroys Earth’s natural resources.

Search Handy Cafe

How To Remove The Search Handy Cafe AtesSoft Virus ( Scam)

HandyCafe ( is scam software distributed as freeware, as well as a commonly referred redirection virus ( that claims to be Internet Cafe Software. Handy Cafe allows operators to access clients computers by use of the Handy Cafe Server and Firewall Client. Handy Cafe operates similar to Trojans and is dangerous. Remove Handy Cafe immediately.

RegGenie Antivirus Scam

How to remove RegGenie (Virus Removal Guide)

RegGenie is a rogue Antivirus software program (malware) available as a free Antivirus scanner and paid product. RegGenie is a scam that claims to easily remove obsolete information from your PC and fix errors while increasing computer speed at the same time. RegGenie claims to be an advanced registry utility designed for even the most “novice” Windows computer user, when in fact RegGenie is entirety malicious software. Removing and uninstalling RegGenie is important to protect identity theft and malicious Trojan attacks.