What is is a private IP address (IPv4 address) that is utilized by a variety of broadband routers. Different devices (computers, etc.) can use the IP address across different networks, however only one device on the network can utilize the IP address. information

Linksys and Westell broadband internet routers primarily use this IP address; although many other brands and devices may as well.

This page includes a comprehensive guide that will help you troubleshoot issues associated with the IPv4 address.

Configuring a router to

If your broadband router has as an IP address, you can access your network’s configuration software or administration interface by visiting in order to repair common issues listed below or arrange modem and router settings for wired and wireless networks.

  • The router has failed and is unresponsive to connections via the internet browser.
  • The router is set up to use a different address than such as
  • The computer and its browser failed to join the network.

Cannot connect to

If you can’t connect your router to the IP address please see the following suggestions listed below:

1. On Windows desktop, right click on the Network icon (in the Start menu) and choose Properties.

2. Next, select to View Status of your LAN connection.

3. Select Properties, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4), and then click the Properties button. You can choose to obtain an IP address automatically or you can assign an unique IP address. For example, you can choose or another IP address if it has not been already assigned to the particular network.

4. Leave the Subnet mask at and type in for the Default gateway.

If you are still having issues, your router’s IP address may have changed or he router’s default IP address could be something other than

IP address on router changed

If you suspect that the IP address your router uses has changed or may use a different IP address, check the router’s manual or official website, or use the instructions below to view the address listed as the default gateway and/or manually troubleshoot existing settings by resetting them completely.

How to find your router’s IP address

The instructions below detail how to easily find your router’s IP address.

Search network on Windows

1. Visit your Network settings, by searching for “network” on the Windows 8 Tile screen or Windows Start Menu search bar. troubleshoot

2. Right click your router’s icon (it can be identified by the brand and model) and select Properties. IP address

3. A new window will appear. Navigate to the Network Device tab. In this tab you will be able to view your IP address in the Troubleshooting Information section. The image above of a Netgear router.

Troubleshooting (reset router settings)

1. On Windows desktop, open the command line by navigating to Windows Start Menu and selecting Run.

what is IPv4 address

2. Type ipconfig and press Enter. You will be able to view your router’s IP address as the Default Gateway. You can visit the address listed as the “Default Gateway” using your internet browser to get to your router’s Web interface.

3. Reset your router by pressing the reset button. You should keep the button pressed for about 30 seconds (while powered on) until it restarts. You may also choose to unplug your router.

4. Next, turn your router back on. This will cause your router to reset the IP address as well as all other settings.

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